Sunday, February 24, 2013

Doki Doki Precure Ep 4: The Strength within me

When they were in elementary, Alice was bullied by two boys and Mana stood up for her. Now She invited Mana and Rika at her house for tea.
Lance, enjoying the life..

Alien revealed that Lance is with her and was found by her the night before. She then showed them a footage of Mana's transformation at the Clover tower and was interested in the Precures.

Irk told the other two generals about Cure Diamond as the new Precure and they took it pretty well. However Irk was pissed about it and swore to take the Precures down.

To the Cure Mobile!!!

Meanwhile, Alice want to support Mana and Rika as their producer when the mascots sensed a Jikochu's presence. Alice's butler Sebastian have pinpoint the location on his tablet and the girls took Alice's limo to the scene.

I don't feel so good...

Irk used an Ipod Jikocho to wreck havoc when Cure Heart and Cure Diamond arrived. As they were battling, Lance asked Alice to transform too however she was confident of the two cures and truth enough, Cure Heart defeated the Jikochu when it ran out of battery power.

After the battle, Lance asked why Alice declined to be a Precure but Mana explained she need to have the Cure Lovies to transform. Alice showed she did have a Cure Lovies and it was given by Joe at the Clover tower.

Little Alice is Scary!
But still, Alice declined to become a Precure and it upset Lance. Mana and Rika later explained that when they were in elementary, Mana told off two boys who bullied Alice. The two boys brought their older brother and started calling names to Mana. It upset Mana andAlice got angry, fought the bullies.

Rika also explained Alice is taught several martial arts (Akido, Judo, Karate and Kendo) by her grandfather and after the incident, Alice was worried she might hurt someone if she used her strength again and stop her training.

A new Jikochu presence has appeared again and both Mana and Rika went to the scene. Lance decided to convince Alice again. Alice was pondering of being a Precure and recalled her grandfather's advice on her purpose of learning martial arts is to protect the one you love.

She got a new resolve and the Cure Lovies glowed. Meanwhile Mana and Rika transformed to battle a Jikochu Stereo Player. However the Jikochu is plugged to a power socket which has unlimited power and took down the two cures easily.


Alice arrived and together with Lance transformed to Cure Rosetta. She got a new Lovies and used Rosetta Wall to neutralise the sound attack. Cure Heart then finished it with her special attack.

Lance reintroduced herself to Alice and Mana claimed there are now four of them, including Cure Sword. Alice claimed she also saw the footage who Cure Sword really is and she pointed to a poster of Makoto...

Alice is another Itsuki/Cure Sunshine all over again (Sort of) She is rich and have resources like cameras in the clover tower (she owned that place, remember?), a tablet that pinpoint troubles and a pink limo which I am going to call it the Cure Mobile. If the girls started using Alice's place as their base, it will be more cooler than that useless and redundant tree house Smile Precure had.

Of course, Alice also has her issues of her matrial arts background and her first use of strength. She was traumatised after beating up the bullies that she refused to train anymore. Then her grandfather gave the usual speech of "using your strength to protect the one you care" which allowed her to become a Precure.

Her Rosetta Wall is a similar to Cure Sunshine's Sunflower Aegis with the defence shield. I hope she develop offensive powers in the future and perhaps in the NS2 movie, Cure Rosetta can team up with Cure Sunshine, Lemondae and Peace to do a chain link attack. (I know you yellow cures fans want that!)

Oddly, Alice is also good keeping secrets unless being asked. She didn't reveal who is Cure Sword until the end and sure enough, that is going make Mana go bonkers over the news. Knowing now that Makoto is Cure Sword, can the girls convince her to join them? But with her concert going on, can the girls protect her from a Jikochu attack and will Makoto abandon her show to help them? See you next week to know more!!


  1. I loved Cure Rosetta! I can't wait till Episode 5.

  2. Thanks for the review

    I think that Rossetta is most like Mint in YPC5, Sunshine have at least a Special attack, but like you said in background story they are similar.

  3. Somehow Alice reminds me of Tomoyo in Cardcaptor Sakura. She find out Sakura's secret in becoming a cardcaptor and she becomes her producer in filming and making costumes and stuff. =D But Alice learn martial arts is way cooler!

  4. it's pretty interesting that first, they use an ipad jikochu monster to be one of there foes, to an old 80s music cassette bom box!(you just can't beat the classics!) it was so funny when the monster whas interpretaining some typical and catchy phrases like:"oh yeah" and "ok baby"!during the battle!i believe that alice/cure rosseta it's a very good strategist, she can be very useful in control of many tough situations and she can also cooperate when the time in needed, one thing is certain,don't make alice don't like her when she's angry!(GULP!GASP!)

  5. aaaaaaaand one more thing.....

    you can thank me later! bye!