Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Quick Picks: Love Live Ep 5, Senran Kagura Ep 5

Love Live Ep 5: Niko tried to warn the girls in continuing their idols activities. However they ignored her and continued their practice.

So my dance moves sucked...

But the raining season forbid them to practice outside and they have yet to find a suitable place to do anything. After school, the girls were discussing what to do until they realised they can get a place if they have five members. (Honoka completely forgot about it)

Niko appeared and warn them again. They later went to ask Eri and Nozomi for a formation of a new club and room. They rejected as the school have an Idol Research club. Nozomi suggested to look for the President of this club and they went to find her. Niko was shocked to see them and tried to ran away from them.

Hanayo just went Fangirl over the LLL DVD box set!


But she knocked her head on the sheep and was dragged back. They admired Niko's Idol collections and she explained her reason which the girls have no characters nor persona to become true idols. She did a demonstration of what an idol should have and the girls were embarrassed about it.

She told them to leave and later Nozomi explained she used to be an idol with her friends. But she set the bar too high and her friends left her as a result. Honoka had an idea and the next day, Niko went to her club and saw everyone welcoming her and ask her for advices on being an idol.

Honoka also want Niko to join them which she finally did and become their coach. Although she does not want to admit, she is actually enjoying being with them...

I was right that Niko had bad experiences as she is used to be an idol. But she is a perfectionist and it caused her club members to left her. I also loved her fire cracker personality as she can be a spitfire one moment and next a sweet loli and the group need one like that. Honoka's idea came from her friendship with Umi as she is shy when she was young and Honoka invited her to join in the fun.

I also laugh when Rin dance in the rain and Hanayo went fangirl as she saw Niko's prized dvds. Although why Kotori bothered over an Akihabara Idol's signature...So with Niko part of the group, the last two members, Eri and Nozomi will be next! Can't wait for them to happen!

Senran Kagura Ep 5: The Hebi ninjas were ordered to infiltrate the Hanzo Academy by their master. Asuka and her friends continued to train and Kiraya punished Katsuragi for sleeping during lecture.

She recalled her ninja parents failed her mission and abandon her behind. She swore to be more stronger so that her parents will returned. Meanwhile, the Hebi ninjas set a trap for Kiriya to leave the school and trap the girls in a barrier.

The girls got separated and each faced a different member. Asuka was shocked that Homura was one of the Hebi ninjas and tried to go Mortal Combat mode to defeat Homura.

Meanwhile, the Hebi ninjas' master removed her armor revealing a female named Suzune and she disliked the organisation's desire in finding the Super Ninja Scroll, Yang at Hanzo Academy...

As the girls continued to battle, we get to know the Hebi Academy master, Suzune and it is no brainer that she used to be a student of Hanzo Academy years ago. We also learn of Katsuragi's past which despite her everyday gag of harassing everyone, she have a desire to become stronger and convince her parents to come back. So will the Hebi ninjas get what they want or Asuka and her friends able to turn the tide? Find out in the next episode!

P.S: I will be dropping Roman since no one seems to care about this show. But I will watch on my own to see how it goes.

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