Friday, February 8, 2013

Quick Picks: Haganai S2 Ep 5, Vividred Operation Ep 5

Haganai S2 Ep 5: Kodaka arrived at the club and found Yukimura wearing a butler's suit which is Yozora's suggestions. After making silly references to an anime of the same nature, Kodaka saw Rika was playing some otome games.

It is obvious the show is a parody of Mayo Chiki.

Don't insult Otome Games!


She suggested to Yozora to try out a female version of a love simulation game (The same game in season 1) and soon she was hooked to the game. Although she got the bad ending, she enjoyed it personally.

It is not you, Rika...

Later, Kodaka spotted Rika dye her hair blond after he make a comment about her hair changing image. He suggested to her to make something more useful like a time machine.

Rika did created a time machine (sort of) and Kodaka was used as a guinea pig. He saw himself in the past and talking to little Yozora. However it become a nightmare and he woke up. Rika confessed that it is actually a device that enable sleep but somehow is able to go back to the past.

But Sena demanded to know why Kodaka called out Yozora's name when he was in the past...

I know this secret will leak out sooner or later as the rest of the girls were suspicious of their past. Seeing Yozora being embarrassed make me go gawk over her. Furthermore, her walk through of the otome game was very nice despite her maxing her stats and not befriending anybody in the end (except the delinquent lead)

Rika stole the show again with her cursing in English and claim she is going back to her lab for some DIY was hilarious. Her constant changing hair was funny although I prefer just being brown hair is fine. The blond and dark black hair really doesn't suit her.

So how will Yozora and Kodaka get out of this predicament? Where is my Kobato and Maria's bitching in this episode? See you next week to find out!

Vividred Operation Ep 5: Akane saw Rei admiring the seagulls however when she approached her, Rei disappeared.

During class, Mizuho announced the class is going for a camping trip and want to submit their name list for the different groups. Akane suggested to the others she want to invite Rei to join in. They looked for her however Rei declined.

How can you not laugh when a talking mascot is giving you orders?

Genjiro discovered that the Alone's evolutions is caused by an external party and decided to investigate further. Meanwhile Akane spotted Rei saving a boy from a girder and was impressed. Rei returned to home and was warned by a talking crow not to get involved with humans.

She maybe 14 but Rei is bad ass with a MP5!


Rei later tried to sabotage the Mainfestor engine but was spotted by security drones. She barely escaped and was rescued by Akane the next day. Rei woke up in Akane's home and later asked her if she has the power to bring back her father, will she make the sacrifice? Akane's reply she will but not at the cost of her friends and family.

An Alone appeared and Akane make an excuse to leave. She joined with the others as Rei also arrived at the scene. She tried to fire an arrow to make the Alone evolve but failed due to exhaustion.

She woke up back in Akane's home and discovered the key she lost it was beside her. Akane explained she got everyone to find the key in the beach. Akane tried to befriend her however she reminded cold.

Later, Akane visited her mother, Mashiro in the hospital with Momo beside her. She told Mashiro about Rei's cold treatment and she replied to keep on trying so that one day, Rei will be her friend...

This episode centred on Rei who has a complicated back story. Apparently the Mainfestor engine killed her parents and somehow a mysterious force is using a crow to communicate to her about destroying it. Furthermore, she claimed she is from another world which make me wonder a parallel world or some future?

Despite Akane's efforts, Rei refused to acknowledge her as a friend but I am sure the secret will be exposed of her being part of the Alone. I counted seven feathers on her neck which probably means she can fire seven times before something bad might happened to her. (From the way the setting looked like, if this show become another Madoka Magical, I am going to dig a hole and hide myself there)

P.S: I am also dropping Tamako Market due to the fact the characters are too simple for my type. Dela might be fun but everyone else is boring. Furthermore, if you take away Dela, the show looked like a typical slice of life show with less appeal.

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