Sunday, January 27, 2013

Smile Precure Ep 48 FINAL: The World Smile with You!

The girls went to comfront Pierrot in the hemisphere. They used Royal Rainbow Burst but Pierrot was too strong and knocked them back to the ground.

The impact caused the Earth serious damages and the girls lost all their powers. Everyone was about to give up but Miyuki didn't and it caused the Miracle Jewel to shine one more time. Pop claimed it is their last chance to defeat Pierrot however it also close the link way with Earth and Marchenland and they will be forced to return to their own world.

Everyone realised they will never be able to see Candy and Pop again and they were crying in tears. Pierrot mocked them as this is what it meant to be in despair. Candy encouraged everyone not to give up and she will remember the times together with them. She will remain positive and 'Ultra Happy' even when she return to her own world.

The girls understand her feelings and stood up one last time. The Smile Pact recharged again and they transformed to Ultra Form including Candy.

Give Giant Happy a Big HUG!

I am killed by the power of LOVE!!!

They flew up and together with Candy, used Royal Rainbow Burst one more time. Pierrot was pushing them back however at the last moment, Cure Happy become a Giant Angel and hugged Pierrot and was defeated...

The world was saved and the magic book appeared with the happy end they wanted. However Candy and Pop started to rise into the sky and is about to leave them. Miyuki told Candy to leave with a smile and she did. Once they are gone, the girls cried one last time as a rainbow appeared in the sky...


Everyone went on with their normal lives and Miyuki started writing a story with Candy as the lead and name the story-The Best Smile.

Thank you, Smile Precure! See you in the NS2 Movie!

One day, Miyuki was running in the street when she saw a familiar book flew towards her. It was Candy and somehow she is able to return back to Earth. The others were also happy to see her and once again, they were together as Smile Precure!

So it is a repeat of DX3 final scene in this final episode. Damn, they cried a lot in this episode. I know it is sad that the girls won't be see Candy and Pop again but enough of the dramatic. The final attack is also a coop out of Heartcatch ending with Cure Happy turning to a giant and instead of giving a punch like Cure Blossom. She settled it with a hug (The Power of Love!)

Final Thoughts: One year ago, I told myself that I am only doing the first six episodes of Smile Precure as I know there will be fillers in between the main story. But thanks to everyone who has been supporting me, I push myself and every week, watching and reviewing the show in this blog. A Big Thanks to everyone who come back every week to see me ranting a show about five girls who dressed up like the colors of the rainbow and beating monsters every week.

Let's start with our five main characters. Miyuki is probably the typical female lead more akin to Nozomi and Love. She is not very bright, the comedy relief and used sheer luck or strength to overcome her enemies. Her character development is very shallow, most of the time is her dumb luck that got into bad situations. The only good thing about her is her determination and her concern for her friends due to her being a shy girl during young. The last two episode also showed her being the heart and soul of the team. Without her, everyone will have given up hope and Pierrot will have destroy the world. Overall, Miyuki is a much better Nozomi clone but will never be on par with Tsubomi or Hibiki.

I didn't really like Akane in the beginning as much I am not a fan of Rin. However Akane has very good development episodes dedicated to her especially the Brian episode. She didn't have to act pretty but just being herself has already won Brian's trust. For that, it is good enough for me. The Ultra Form episode was also good as her friendship is put to the test and her fight was really awesome against Wolfrun.

Among the five, Yayoi is the most developed and her own episodes are probably the best. From knowing her late father's answer about the meaning of her name, the manga contest which she nearly crack under pressures, she overcome a lot of short comings and thanks to everyone, her work is finally published in a magazine and is working to be a manga artist

Nao was one I was hoping she has good development but it fall short. The only good episodes was the Baton Relay race and her mother went into labour. But most of the time, she blend in like a background character with Miyuki, Akane and Yayoi taking most of the screen time. Her relationship with Reika was also very shallow with only one mention of them when they were kids. Compared to Komachi and Karen, Nao and Reika is the weaker pair.

Reika was slightly better than Nao as she play the logical one in the group. Being a walking Wikipedia and making trivial points especially the Kyoto trip and the Around the world episode, it showed Reika's intellect. She is also the coolest during combat especially with Joker in both major encounters. Her willpower also overcome Joker's tauting and probably has the best fight scene in the Ultra Form episode with Joker.

Candy and Pop were more hits than miss. Firstly, Candy was really annoying and naive. Hummy maybe dense but she doesn't behave like a retard. Candy is a complete spoilt brat (I know I am getting hate mails from this) Her young age also gave her the excuse to cry a lot and causing the girls to get into situations (The invisible Miyuki and Akane, the Shriking Precures) Pop was also under developed. The only good episode was him acting the period drama, showing off his samurai skills. Other than that, he always appeared at dire situations and making large claims.

The Bad End Generals are probably the second worst villains in the Precure series so far. (The Minor Trio are still the worst) Wolfrun always looking for trouble, Aka Oni doesn't really want to fight unless he hate something that is shown on television, Majorina's inventions got the girls into trouble and even the Bad End Generals too (Everyone got turned into little kids) They also don't have the motivation nor the brains to revive Pierrot faster. Some of the episodes, they just want to satisfy their ego and began sucking Bad End Energy on the first person they see.

The only real villian I felt was Joker but I soft of predict that Joker will be the hardest to defeat not because he is strong but he is manipulative in pulling the strings. The only bad thing is that he choose to sacrifice himself to Pierrot rather than to be killed by the Precures. Pierrot was also a boring villian. He only appeared at the last two episodes, preaching a lot of nonsense and using his giant hand and beam to smash everything like Galactus. He was also killed in a very anti climatic moment with Cure Happy hugging him and he didn't scream or say any last words.

As Smile Precure is suppose to based on Fairy tales and elements, I rarely see much fairy tales in the entire season. The most significant one was the Cinderalla story and I really like that episode because that is the whole theme of Smile Precure. Fairy tales are originally to frighten little children in the olden days however it was adapted now to be less dark. If the show have follow this path, imagine the girls going to different fairy tales and knowing the back story of the fairy tales. It will encourage more people to find out more of these stories and reading is knowledge.

But instead, we have a lot of unnecessary episodes like the Comedy skit episode, the Super Robot episode, the around the world episode and so on. This is also why doing a show like Precure is also a challenge as you have to assess which are the filler episodes and which are the main plots. I know in the end, it is still a show for children and it does teach certain values and morals which I am fine with it unlike most western kids' shows today which show nothing but idiocy and self-centred.

Well, that is my final thoughts of Smile Precure. Was it a good show? It was above average although it still have certain strong points thanks to the major characters. Was it a bad show? No. I seem worse than this. However the direction and pacing was all over the place which is why the show could have done better if given a right sense of direction. But what's done is done. So like what Miyuki said, we have to move on and keep on smiling for a better future. So with this, we thank you Smile Precure for the one year with us and welcome Doki Doki Precure next Sunday. Until then, see you next week for the premise!


  1. It's a shame Nao and Reika ended up like that. That's probably the biggest reason of my dislike towards Smile. A total and complete waste of characters, but who cares! We got triple the yellow pandering than the usual and loads of Akane episodes completely wasted because the kids don't like Akane at all! Ugh. I hope Doki handles it's cast better.

  2. They (Wolfrun-tachi) weren't even real villains, though. They were just misunderstood fairies that succumbed to despair because everyone else hated them.

    1. I know Wolfrun-tachi are misunderstood but their so called evil ways in a regular episode were very childish.

      Look at Heartcatch villians, they are also people who went through despair and become evil. But look how fun it was, watching them every week. (But don't get me started with Minor Trio, I still hate them.)

  3. Smile Precure is probably a weaker series, but it's the most comedic one. Hopefully Doki Doki is way better than this one

  4. About smile I will always say that i the most comical series but yet with a weak story. I will miss Majorina's inventions.

  5. Disappointed that we didn't see the Policeman hook up with young Majorina. Crap End.

  6. only two words: PURE AWESOMENESS!!!!

  7. Mmmm... I dont know. I think Pierrot was the easiest enemy of all precure series. Too much tears and the ending about Candy returning to Earth was predictable

  8. not to mention some boogers...candy's boogers! ¡ha ha!

  9. hey kragito, got anymore reviews for the next episode of senran kagura?

  10. thanks bro! see you soon!!