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Quick Picks: Tamako Market Ep 3, Haganai S2 Ep 3, Vividred Operation Ep 3

Tamako Market Ep 3: It is the new school term and Asagiri Shiori met up with Dela and he fell in love with her. Later Shiori found out she is in the same class with Tamako. She tried her best to talk with Tamako and her friends but was too shy.

After school, Shiori saw Dela who got lost and brought him back to the shopping district (And got some freebies along the way) Tamako was surprised to see her and invited her in. Shiori also help to make dinner and even went to the public bathhouse together.

A few days later, Tamako's homeroom teacher got lost trying to find her shop. Shiori took him there and later had a chat with Tamako in the coffee house. There, Shiori pluck her courage and told her she enjoyed herself at her house. Tamako and her immediately became friends after that...

The focus is Shiori who is the reserved badminton player. I think she found Tamako and her friends having so much fun together and want to join in too. Thanks to Dela and a little hint from the coffee house guy, they became friends and it was very sweet. Although Dela was kinda of upset that Shiori rejected his affection but it was fine as seeing her opening up was satisfying also...

Haganai S2 Ep 3: Maria arrived outside Kodaka's home and claimed she ran away from home after an argument with her sister. Kobato was upset about it and started teasing her.

Kate called the house and pushed the burden to Kodaka. However she keep calling up to check up on Maria. The next day, she came to fetch Maria and told Kodaka she enjoy the stay. Although Kobato was kinda of pissed off (In a happy way)

In the clubhouse, the gang suggested to have a celebration after the finals and had a small party. They decided to play "The King's Game" and everyone wrote their orders into a box. Everyone came up with ridiculous and embarrassing orders and they had a lot of fun. Finally the last order was for Sena and Kodaka to kiss and Yozora was totally against it.

Kodaka took Sena's cup and drank it claiming it to be an indirect kiss. That night, Kodaka's father called and asked if he is really marrying Sena...

The first half was fun with Maria and Kobato trying to win Kodaka's attention. I could tell that Kobato despite disliking Maria, she soft of enjoy her company. Later the king's game was fun to watch with Kobato wearing an embarrassing outfit, Sena making a funny face at the convenience store and Kodaka showing off his body.

Yozora's dislike of carbonated drinks also raise suspicous to Rika and Sena after Kodaka talk about it which I am sure will be a plot point in further episodes. Also, Yozora was almost in tears when she saw Sena was about to kiss Kodaka. Being the nice guy, Kodaka didn't want to break her heart and do the indirect kiss which show he is also cared for Yozora.

Although the last scene with his father asking about Sena was a surprise to him but I think this plot point will be ignored as the gang goes to an amusement park to have fun in the next episode.

Vividred Operation Ep 3: Saegusa Wakaba was training at the beach when she spotted Akane using her power suit to arrive to school. Akane tried to hide her identify from Wakaba and got into a misunderstanding.

However she was able to evade and block Wakaba's attacks which left her shocked. Later, Mizuha reprimanded Akane not to reveal her identify and introduce her and Aoi to the new class. Wakaba suspected her as the intruder earlier and Akane found a robot eye attached on the next table.

During break, Wakaba tried to find out more of Akane and she gave her the slip. Wakaba accidentally knocked down Momo. She felt sorry for her and brought to the sick bay. That night, Wakaba's father advised her to look for the true strength in her and not to be obseesed about winning.

The next day, Akane received a challenge from Wakaba and she obliged. They started battling each other and realised they are enjoying the fight instead. However an Alone appeared in the sea and Akane and Aoi went into battle.

Wakaba want to fight too after seeing them in battle. Kenjiro agreed with her and Akane's power suit revealed a new key for Wakaba. She activated the key and transformed too.

Docking Time!

Zanka Tou?

Sangar Zobolt will be proud of you! 
Rei appeared again and gave the Alone a power up arrow. Akane and her went to Docking Phase and become Vivid Green. They immediately used their special attack-Vivid Blade and defeat the Alone.

After the battle, Wakaba joined them as part of their group while the robot eye is watching them from the window...

This episode is the typical "the true strength within" story and I was surprised that Akane have very good agility for her age. But it could be another reason why she is the core everything they went to Docking phase. Wakaba herself is like Kino Makoto of Sailormoon but more of an aggressive attitude.

She also has a sense of justice which is why she want to join the battle. We had to yet to see how she react to cute things although she get along very well with Momo and even used a cute envlope as a challenge to Akane.

Rei is also in their class and I am sure we will have Akane trying to make friends with her in the future. There is also the motives of the Alone who seem to be going after the Mainfestor Engines. It is the big deal as Kenjiro mentioned it provided clean energy to 95% of the Earth population. A sabotage of it will definitely cause chaos in the entire world.

The next episode we will have Himawari who used the robot eye as her replacement in class. Of course, Akane will try her best to make friends with her and convince to come to school. (Wakaba swing her long hair when she transformed turn me on for a moment)

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