Sunday, January 13, 2013

Smile Precure Ep 46: My Evil Twin with a Mental Defect

The Bad End Precures began battling the girls and Joker send all of them into five different locations. Each Bad End Precure is stronger and crueler which the girls have problems dealing with them.

Joker started chasing Pop who is holding the Miracle Jewel and was cornered. Pop demanded to know why he is after the Miracle Jewel. Joker claimed the Jewel is able to grant one's desires but he has no intention to use it. He just want to destroy it so that no one can stop Pierrot's revival.

The girls were shocked to hear Joker's reply and were still getting beaten. Suddenly the Royal Clock was activated, revealing Royal Queen who protect Pop. Joker wondered how was possible and realised the Queen's essence has been hiding in the clock all along.

Royal Queen also told everyone that Candy is her daughter. Joker deduced Candy is the next Queen in line which explain why she is able to aid the girls in time of need. The Miracle Jewel is the hibernation phrase before Candy is reborn as the next Queen. But Candy will not have the power to defy Pierrot as she is too young.

Joker then increased the Bad End Energy around the world causing the Earth to turn into a wasteland and accelerating Pierrot's revival. However Royal Queen replied she believe in Candy and the girls' strength in overcoming the crisis.


Cure Happy and the rest heard Royal Queen's words and agreed with her. They immediately overcome their pain and activated the Ultra Decor. With their new strength, they defeated the Bad End Precures and returned to the real world. The Bad End Precures also turn back into the last decor which Pop found it.

I'm melting....I'm melting!!!

Joker started laughing like a mad man and he told them they are too late to stop Pierrot. He was covered in Bad End Paint and sacrfice himself to Pierrot. Suddenly giant spawns of Pierrot appeared in front of them.

Pop quickly place the last decor in the box and the Miracle Jewel shine brightly revealing a young girl...

As I said before, the Bad End Precures are interesting rivals for the girls however they come up short of being one-dimensional villains. Even though the Bad End Precures are twisted and sadistic in their way but I wish they could develop them more. Why do we like to see evil twins or clones? Because it is to show what the original will not or unable to do in their actions.

The battles between them is not really that good and we see more of the girls getting their ass kicked while their evil twins have the upper hand. Only when they got the Ultra Decor, they begin winning but it felt too rush and the Bad End Precures just died without any last words or disbelief.

Candy being Royal Queen's daughter is not much of a surprise to me as I have suspected Candy to be someone special. The reason I could think of why she is turned into a spirit is to throw off the enemies so that they won't be able to put two and two together. (By the way, if Royal Queen is the mother then who is the father? Pierrot?)

What do you think her name is called? Cure Candy?

With two more episodes left, Pierrot is back in his strongest form! Candy joined in the fight as a Precure?! The girls become Ultra Princess Form! Can they save the world quickly so that Doki Doki Precure can take over their time slot? See you next week to find out!

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  1. My first impression of this episode was: Maybe this is similar to yes precure 5 movie. And yes, it has a few similarities.