Friday, January 11, 2013

First Impressions: Boku no Tomodachi Sukunai Ga NEXT Ep 1, Vividred Operation Ep 1

Guess who is playing who?

Boku no Tomodachi Sukunai Ga NEXT Ep 1: After one year of waiting, the members of the Neighbour Club returns with more crazy antics and laughter.

Kodaka entered the room and found both Sena and Yozora trying out wigs to see who have the better comedy effect. Kodaka came up with a joke to prove his humor was better but it left a cold mood for the girls.

Later, Yozora and Rika tricked Sena into remodeling her hair with terrible results and a scolding by her father. She later invited Kodaka to her home for studies and found a shocking truth-Sena placed photos of Yozora all over her celling, claiming her obsession in beating her. She even bought the wig from Yozora to smell it every night before going to bed.

Do you think Japan will make such condoms after this show?

Where are you rubbing, Sena?!

After Stella's condom trick and Pegasus insisted that Kodaka stayed overnight, Pegasus explained he is worried that Sena might be bullied at school. However Kodaka promised he will protect Sena as she spent the night looking at Yozora's photos and smelling the wig...

Sena is really broken. Her hated for Yozora has become close to a stalker and I think she now has a hair feisty. But it was fun to see the gang back again. Yozora's mean bulling, Sena's humor and obsessive with Kobato and a bit of Yozora, Rika's pervert mind, Yukimura's gentleness, Kobato's cuteness and Maria's bitching. As you can tell from the opening, we are getting a few new characters like Maria's senior who is more of a worse bitch than her. Great start to a new season but we're just getting started!

Vividred Operation Ep 1: A lone girl, Kuroki Rei stood at the top of the Tokyo Skytree claiming time is running out. In the future, Mankind's energy problems have been resolved due to the creation of the Manifestor Engine on an artificial Island known as Blue Island.

I am a 60 year old man stuck in a cute stuffed animal!

Isshiki Akane's grandfather was the creator of the engine and she work part time to support her younger sister, Momo and grandfather. Her grandfather, Kenjiro has just finished the Vividred System but an accident cause him to switch mind with a stuffed animal.

Just then, an unknown alien known as Alone appeared and attack Blue Island. Akane saw her friend, Aoi being shot down by Alone and tried to save her. In the midst, the Vividred key her grandfather gave it to her was activated and she wore a power suit to save Aoi. Kenjiro explained the situation to Akane and told her to prepare for battle...

This show was in my rader after it was announced last year. Given that it was done by the same people who did Strike Witches, it is pretty good for a first episode. One thing is for sure, the fan service didn't went overboard with the amount of panties shots. Akane is similar to Yoshika from Strike Witches with her cheerful attitude and the breadwinner of the family after her father passed away.

However a tragic accident seven years ago caused her to have fear of heights and her mother landed in the hospital. The setting looked similar to a 70s mecha show where an alien invasion begin and a grandfather's secret weapon is handed over to his grandson or in this case granddaughter. The Alien Alone look suspicious similar to Strike Witches's Neuroi which I hope they are not claiming it is the same universe with Strike Witches 'cause I demand a Strike Witches cameo if it is true! Like Hagani, I can't wait to see what is in store in the next episode!

So that is all the shows for the Winter season that I went through, I know I left out quite a number of titles like D.C III, Amnesia, Zettai Karen Children side story which I am either not interested or it is not my type. I know Kotaru is good and I did watch it but I find it pretty depressing in the first ten minutes and everyone is a douch. (Didn't anyone watch X-Men in Kotaru's universe?) Anyway, I have a rough idea which shows I will be reviewing so see you in the next Quick Picks!

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