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Quick Picks: Senran Kagura Ep 2, Hyouka Ep 11.5, Love Live Ep 2

Senran Kagura Ep 2: Asuka and her friends reported to Kiriya with regards with the attack on them at the shopping district. It was believed their enemy is a puppet master however he didn't mention further.

Big Pink Bunny!

The girls went for their summon training expect Asuka who is unable to project any summons. Later her grandfather Hanzo came to visit her and everyone was excited to see him as he is the legendary ninja.

Asuka in swimwear is all right but...

Ikaruga being teased by frogs is sexy!

They also discovered Asuka is afraid of frogs and everyone tried to cure her of her phobia but to no avail. Ikaruga and Asuka later went to buy food where they encountered Yomi, a member of the Hebi Academy...

If you play the game, you know Asuka's summon is a giant toad which is the classical animal for Ninjas (Look at Naruto and Jiraya) Kiriya and Hanzo's conversation also reveal the Hebi Academy which trains evil ninjas and it seems Kiriya has some past with them. Ikaruga also has some past to hide as her family isn't really a normal one as seen in the next episode preview and it is also related to Yomi also...

Hyouka Ep 11.5: Houtarou was offered a part time job in the university pool by her elder sister. Satoshi, Mayaka and Eru also came to the pool and started playing around. Eru told Houtarou that he must believe he is special no matter what people said about to him.

Let's get some Yuri thoughts about them...

Eru later spotted a lady and her child playing together and she was spotted with a white object on her ear but now it is gone. They decided to help find the object without asking her. After a while, Houtarou concluded that the white object is actually ice cream from the child.

When everything is settled, Satoshi was dragged by Mayaka about the Hyouka anthology while Eru thank Houtarou for helping out which he shyly accepted it...

So Houtarou and his friends had a small case and it is a fairly simple one. But the focus is on Houtarou and Eru's relationship. Episode 11 was the conclusion of the Incomplete Murder and Houtarou was still bitter after being used by Irisu however Eru didn't mind and encourage him not to look down at himself. He accepted it after this case and Episode 12 was the start of the Ichimonji Arc with Satoshi being dragged away by Mayaka and we know what happened to those anthology books.

I can feel the wind is calling me!

Love Live Ep 2: Honoka, Umi and Kotori requested to use the auditorium for the welcome ceremony for new students for their performances. Eri reluctantly agreed to it and even Nozomi teased her.

All you need is some 80s montage music!

The girls started planning for their performance and even asked the school to come up a name for their group. Later Umi remind Honoka and Kotori that they need stamina and started training both of them. They also realised they didn't have a song for their performance.

Honoka remember the girl in the music room and they went to find her. Her name is Maki and she initially refused to help them.  Even Eri reminded Honoka not to have high hopes. The trio found out later someone has decided a name for them and they called themselves "Muse."

Honoka asked Maki again and she accepted their challenge of coming out with a song (After losing in push-ups while smiling) She also saw the trio training hard near the shrine where Nozomi work as a shrine maiden and she tease her by groping her breasts.

The next day, Honoka received a CD which Maki has finished and she secretly vote Muse to put them in the 999th position of the School Idols Polls...

I find Love Live is pretty fun to watch and the girls are lovely. Honoka is like Idolmaster's Haruka with her positive and comical attitude. Eri and Maki did not want to believe Honoka will make a difference however in their hearts, they want to save their school.

There are also some students who also want to support the girls like twin-tailed Niko and Hanyo who come up with the group's name. Nozomi is the spiritual one and she love to tease Eri and grope Maki's breasts. Overall, I would like to follow more of this group and see how far can they go!

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