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Quick Picks: Bakumatsu Gijinden Roman Ep 2, Tamako Market Ep 2, Haganai S2 Ep 2, Vividred Operation Ep 2

Bakumatsu Gijinden Roman Ep 2: Roman was out on one of his heists when he was almost caught by the new officer, Yasuhiro. Later Yasuhiro requested Roman (not knowing he is the thief) to look for a man named Yohei.

However Roman refused as he does not take shady offers despite the large rewards. The same night, Roman found Yohei being chased by masked men and save his life. After visiting a brothel, the lead prosistute, Okuni instructed the same masked men to track down Yohei again.

Sometimes, Guns are better than Swords.

The masked men found Yohei but Roman managed to led him to safety with the help of Yasuhiro. He later asked Yohei after the location of a certain "Cherry Blossom Tree" but Yohei didn't give much information. Yasuhiro informed a mysterious person who strike off Yohei's name off a list...

So, a conspiracy is rising over a certain blossom tree? Yasuhiro is an undercover agent for the government and his motives are unclear. Roman at the other hand, want to have nothing to do with Yasuhiro but somehow got entangled with him.

Okuni is also a mysterious person who order the masked men and Roman fall head over tails over her. Look like things will get more complicated in the future. Although there is no super heists by Roman this week but Yasuhiro kicked ass with his two pistols battling a group of sword men.

Tamako Market Ep 2: Valentine Day is coming and Tamako suggested to Mochizo to have a Valentine Day theme in the shopping district. Her father objected the idea but everyone agreed with it and carry on the theme.

Calm down, Tamako!

While filming for a commercial for their shopping district, Tamako's friend Midori realised she has affections for her and Dela noticed it. He told her not to worry so much and let nature take it's course. When everyone watched the commercial (Using Dela as a projector head), Dela's mind revealed his master, the Prince from his country.

In the end, Tamako's father make some heart-shaped Mochi and Tamako thanked him...

For a slice of life show which doesn't focus too much on school life but rather the people in Yama Usagi Shopping district, it is pretty good. Tamako is lovable (I got a feeling she is this year's Hirsawa Yui with her positive attitude) Dela is not a useless character and is very wise for his age. He can see what most people couldn't as in the case of Midori.

Perhaps being a member of High Society, he is able to adapt to it and his advice to her was pretty nice. I love the rivarly between Tamako's father and Mochizo's father which is perhaps the best comedy relief as two elderly men fighting over Mochi. But I kind of surprise that no one seems to bother about the prince in Dela's brain...

Rika is not bad looking without her glasses.

But her love of BL is still the same...

Haganai S2 Ep 2: The gang saw Rika took off her glasses and she claimed it is an image change. Kodaka was surprised by her change which he secretly like it. However Rika's attitude didn't change and suggested watching a BL movie.

Yozora is in tears..

Guess what is the picture on the laptop?

Yozora strongly objected at first but was convinced by Rika to watch it. After the screening, Yozora was in tears (What the hell?) although the last scene with the two male leads kissing was ridiculous. She later challenge Sena to read lines from her adult game and she recite lines from the movie. (With terrible results from Sena)

Stop calling me Bitch!

After the finals, Kodaka met Maria's elder sister, Kate. She love to bully Maria which Maria called her a witch. However she thanked Kodaka and Yozora for opening Maria's cycle. She claimed Maria is very arrogant during her younger days but thanks to Yozora who know how to handle her properly.

He later met Yozora who want to discuss the answers for their finals. They were enjoying it until Sena came to the picture and Yozora started comparing answers with her...

The first half was fun to watch with Rika's image change which I am kinda of on the fence about her new look. Because she is still a horny BL fan girl. Yozora getting emotional and blushed claiming friends can kiss also (Which is hilarious) Sena reading a sex scene on her laptop (Guess whose picture they are using for the sex scene) Kate who is laid back but yet I like to see the chemistry between her and Maria.

The last act with our three leads was kinda of a let down but next week, it is the holidays and both Maria and Kobato are fighting affections over Kodaka. (Please bring Sena in to the picture so I can see her go gaga over Kobato)

Aoi in her lingerie...Yummy!

Vividred Operation Ep 2: Aoi was given the same key as Akane and she too transformed. Together, they rescued a fighter jet from crashing into the aircraft carrier and battle the Alone.

Vita's new student!

Do you know you are talking to a cute stuffed animal?

I am ready for a Smooch!

Aoi's grandmother, Shijo immediately ordered the army to assist the two girls and they managed to immobilise the Alone. Kenjiro ordered the two girls to "Docking" by kissing on the forehead. However the docking failed and wondered why.

Aoi recalled two years ago how she met Akane the first time and she gave Aoi a tomato. She even claimed she like tomato despite hating it. Rei fire an arrow at the Alone and it revived with a new form.

The girls tried to fight back but it was too strong. Aoi admitted she lie about the tomato but Akane knew it all along as Aoi always have problems eating it during lunch. They make up and begin the Docking sequence.

It's Kos-Mos in a happy mode!

Gaogaigar is so proud of you!

Cool Down...Awesome!

Both of them become one body-Vividblue and with their new power, destroy the Alone. Rei was angry by the defeat and flee. The next day, Momo complained to Akane of why she couldn't join them in battle but Akane told her not to bother so much.

They met Aoi who told them their school is destroyed by yesterday's attack. An army officer, Mizuha approached them and announced they are transferring school...

We finally see the girls in action and I have to is AWESOME!!! With yuri tendencies and hot blooded attacks, move over Nanoha and Strike Witches, Vividred Operation is this year Magical Girls. Although their attacks always started with "Naked" (Don't ask me, ask grandpa!) but their attack are really cool. Akane is a boom rang like cutter while Aoi probably took a page from Vita of Nanoha.

But what suprise me was the "Docking" sequence! Vividblue look like Kos-mos from Xenosaga and their attack is a giant hammer which is a reminisce of Gaogaigar with the "Safety Release" line and 200 percent output.

Rei is perhaps the main villain but I got a feeling, Akane will convince to turn her ways and she will join them. Like the aliens Alone, Rei is also solo and that's why she behave so bitter and cold. She can also revive the Alone with her "arrow of light" which could means she is also connected to them.

With their school destroyed, Akane and Aoi moved to a new school and in the next episode, they met Futuba, a tomboy who practice Kendo. (Pony tailed girl with Kino Makoto attitude?) Count me in! (Although I got a turn on seeing Aoi in her underwear...What I am saying!?)

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