Sunday, December 23, 2012

Smile Precure Ep 44: Miyuki's Imaginary Friend

It is the Christmas Season and Miyuki was running to meet her friends at the shopping district. She accidentally fell down but was help by a mother and daughter pair. Miyuki saw the girl has a mirror necklace which make her recall something from her past.  

Meanwhile, Wolfrun was frustrated of his failure and decided to bet on the last black ball and aim for Cure Happy. Miyuki met Akane and the others and told them about her time with her grandmother as a child.

She used to be shy among people and her only love is reading fairy tales. Tae gave Miyuki a mirror necklace and she treasure it. However she still couldn't get along with the neighbouring kids and ran into the forest crying.

Suddenly a young girl wearing a straw hat appeared in front of her and they immediately became friends. One day, Miyuki drew a story book for the young girl to see but met up with the neighbouring kids. She want to make friends with them but was too shy. But a voice told Miyuki to be brave and she greeted them. The neighbouring kids welcome her and Miyuki was happy about it.

Later, Miyuki couldn't find the straw hat girl and no one knew who she was. She suspected that she could be a mirror spirit however she was glad she met her and gave her the courage to make friends and to be happy in life.

The girls found the same little girl earlier and she got separated with her mother. Miyuki accompanied the girl whose name is Yura (Not sure that is the correct spelling) and mentioned about her mirror necklace. Yura claimed her mother gave it to her as she is a crybaby and hope she can be strong.

Last Turn!

Suddenly Wolfrun sucked Bad End energy among the people and challenge Miyuki. She transformed and Wolfrun used the black ball to turn a house into an Akanbe. He was full of rage and was beating Cure Happy to a plup.

Wolfrun claimed he hate her for everything she stands for however Cure Happy told her it was meeting her friends, families, classmates and Candy that she was able to move forward and she will protect them no matter what. (I am guessing this part as they were saying some complicated things)

All living things in the world, give me your LOVE!!!

Cure Happy is doing a variation of Goku's Spirit Bomb! Cure Happy has the strongest attack!

Suddenly Cure Happy got a new surge of power and overwhelmed Wolfrun. She then used her new attack-Precure Happy Shower Shining to weaken him. Wolfrun wasn't giving up but the others have arrived.

One more left!

They changed to Princess Form and defeated the Akanbe and got a new decor. After Wolfrun retreated and everything went back to normal, Miyuki thanked the others for everything they went through and admired the falling snow in the night...

So Miyuki's childhood friend happened to be an imaginary or a real spirit (Who knows?) and if she didn't appear, Miyuki might end up being a shy girl and feeling negative about herself. Somehow it is similar to Tsubomi/Cure Blossom and Tsubomi took longer to come out of her shell. But it is a bit creepy that Miyuki could still remain composed after the straw hat girl whisper in her ear.

Wolfrun on the other hand was really packing and and those craze eyes of his scare the hell out of me. I felt the story was pretty weak in this episode even though it is more of Miyuki preaching and using her "guts" to defeat Wolfrun. I was expecting the straw hat girl to appear but no...Toei is a troll sometimes..

Anyway, next episode is the beginning of the end as Pierrot's seed has landed on Earth and the Bad End Generals have become Berserker versions of themselves to battle the girls. Of course, the arrival of the UItra Decor which Cure Happy will become Ultra Cure Happy. But we will only see this episode next year on 6 January as Smile Precure is taking a break next week!

To all my viewers, an Early Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! See you in two week's time!

P.S: Once Doki Doki Precure announced the voice cast, I will be probably doing a V-Log regarding what I think of Doki Doki Precure before the show start on February.

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