Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Quick Picks: Busou Shinki Ep 12 FINAL

Busou Shinki Ep 12 FINAL: Hina woke up with all her memories deleted. She is now convinced by Jindo and his two Shinki that she is one of them.

Meanwhile, Ann and the others were planning a surprise party for Hina but they were wondering why she hasn't return home since last night. Later the two cat Shinki told them that Hina went off with Iris.

Kurara claimed Iris's owner is Jindo who is an obsessive Shinki collector and Victoria is also his Shinki. When the Shinki arrived, they found Hina has lost her memories and they fell into a trap. They pretend to run out of energy and trick Iris into opening the door.

Ann went to find Hina while the others hold off the rest of the Shinkis. Ann tried to convince Hina but she wasn't listening. Ann managed to stab the thumb drive containing their photos on Hina and it reawaken her.

Hina remember who she was and she then battled Victoria. Victoria was too strong until Ann threw her jet pack to Hina and with it, defeated Victoria. They quickly escaped and apologize to Rihito who was waiting for them.

While the police have arrived to arrest Jindo, the Shinki celebrate Hina's birthday and everything went back to normal...

So that's the end of Busou Shinki. This show is more of a love letter to those who collect the toy line and I think now a lot of people are trying to get an Ann model or Hina model which I heard it is pretty expensive now. The story itself isn't really interesting as most of the time, the girls get into trouble in their everyday life. Rihito is a boring character as there is not character development between him and the Shinki. Even this last two episodes where they introduced Jindo and his Shinki is really rush and it was over in a matter of minutes. Overall, a good attempt to introduce new fans to the toy line but the story is a weak one.

P.S: Girls und Panzer has just released episode 10.5 which they introduced the different tanks used by different teams. I am not going to review this episode until they released the last two episodes which will be out next March or April.

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