Thursday, December 20, 2012

Quick Picks: Busou Shinki Ep 11, Girls und Panzer Ep 10, Chuni Byo Ep 12 FINAL

Busou Shinki Ep 11: As the Shinki were discussing about Kurara's entry into the Shinki Battle Tournament, a man named Jindo was watching the monitor and Hina's picture appeared.

Hina later found a letter addressed to Rihito claiming she was only a monitor Shinki and is to be send back to the makers due to error. She has doubts but ignored it after they went to the tournament.

At the tournament, Kurara's first opponent was last year's champion-Victoria who is the same model as Hina. Victoria won the match and eventually won the tournament again. The Shinki met another Straft model named Iris who claimed Hina is her sister.

Hina has no idea who she is but remain curious. She later went met Iris who took her to see their master who happened to be Jindo and Victoria is also his Shinki. Victoria and Iris show Hina around but lured her into a trap and they planned to delete all her memories...

Finally some storyline which is a cliche theme. An obsessive collector want Hina as his own and her memories with Ann and the others will be deleted. Can Ann find her and bring her back or the four main Shinki will be one Shinki short? Find out next week for the answer!

Girls und Panzer Ep 10: The Victor is clear and it was Ooari Girls who advance to the finals! After the match, Katyusha shake Miho's hand and wished her well in the finals.

The girls later went around to find some more tanks and even scouted the automobile club and the Online game club to join the team. Even Hana finally make up with her mother at her flower marking exhibition and Saori got her 2nd class radio operator licence.

Finally the final match has arrived. All of Miho's previous opponents wished her well as they also sit in to watch the match. Ooari and Black Forest Peaks faced each other and greeted each other. A member of Black Forest Peaks thank Miho for saving her team in last year's incident which she felt more motivated.

The match begins however Black Forest Peaks ambushed them and lost the Online game tank in the process...

So we are at the final match and it will take all of Miho's commands to defeat her better and more superior in numbers elder sister, Maho. However the bad news is next week is an another summary episode as episode 11 and 12 will be shown on next March as a TV special. So until then, let wish the Ooari's Girls well and hope they make it through this final match! See you in March 2013!

Chuni Byo Ep 12 FINAL: As Rikka and her mother visited her father's grave, Yuuta saw Sanae has given up being a Chuni-Byo however it is Kumin who become a Chuni-Byo claiming she inherited Rikka's Tyrant Eye.

Yuuta found out Rikka has moved back with her grandparents and is not coming back anymore. He tried to catch the last train but it was too late. He later discovered a letter which he sent to himself two years ago.

It was written that he will give up being a Chuni-Byo and lead a normal life. However he will feel that his life is not complete. He decided to find Rikka and lend Isshiki's bicycle to get there. Along the way, he met Kumin and she explained Rikka become a Chuni-Byo was because she saw him behaving the same way two years ago.

Yuuta called out to Rikka and they quickly ran off thanks to Isshiki and the others who came to distract Rikka's grandfather and the police. He took her to the beach and somehow show her the "Unseen Horizon"

Rikka finally saw her late father and thank him. They quickly ran off again after a police car spotted them. A few days later, Rikka moved back and once again appeared on Yuuta's balcony...

So is Chuni Byo a good one? Yes and No. Let's talk about the good things-One, it has a fun cast. Yuuta and Shinka are former Chuni Byo and tried all means to hide it. Rikka's reasons was more of escaping her father's death but more to the influence to Yuuta's Dark Flame Master. The rest of the cast was all right, providing the comic relief.

Now the bad things. I was expecting Rikka to drag Yuuta back to being a Chuni Byo which will results in many hilarious situations. However the mellow drama begin once they went to the grandparents' house. Yuuta found out Rikka's reason and he want to help her being normal again. However it backfired, resulting her getting an almost emotional breakdown. But thank god, Yuuta (soft of) saved the day, using his "powers" and letting Rikka see her father one last time.

In the end, even the narrator claimed everyone have some form of Chuni Byo in their life. It is just a matter of when you stop believing it and move ahead. However that doesn't mean you have to give up completely. It will be with you somehow and it is one of the small things in life that we can look back and feel good about yourself. So take care and always look ahead!

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