Sunday, December 16, 2012

Smile Precure Ep 43: The Girl in the Mirror

Reika received the news from her teacher that she is being accepted as an exchange student to England. She will leave next month and will be there for a year.

The other girls were happy for her however she felt uneasy between her role as a Precure and the exchange program. Reika asked her grandfather for advices and he wrote the Kanji word of Path but in two different parts. She spent the whole night asking herself but no answers.

She spoke to the others after school who told her to take it easy despite that she can't be a Precure when she leave. When Reika left for her Archery class, Miyuki and the rest got worried that Reika can't be with them anymore.

Two More Turns!

Joker caught Reika by surprise and suck Bad End energy from the students. He then trapped her into his realm which she transform to Cure Beauty. Joker turn a mirror into a Hyper Akanbe and battle her.

Joker started tauting her claiming she can be free from being a Precure and become a normal and selfish person who betray her friends. Cure Beauty was shocked by it and she was unable to maintain her transformation.

Cure Happy and the others arrived but was distracted by the Akanbe. Joker told them Reika has lost her powers as she has decided to leave them to pursue her dream. Cure Happy want to wish her well in her dream but realise she will be lying to herself.

Everyone respect her dreams but they don't want to lose her either. Reika too felt the same way and want to stay together. Joker laughed at their friendship however Reika got the will to stand up again and transform to a power-up version of Cure Beauty.

Sorry, Cure Beauty. You are good but not as great as Cure Aqua.

Two more left!

Joker merged with the Akanbe and started battling with Cure Beauty. She finally used her new attack-Precure Beauty Blizzard Arrow and separate Joker from the Akanbe. The others followed her lead and used Princess Form to vanquish the Akanbe and a new decor.

After Joker retreated, the girls returned to their own world. Reika announced she is not going to England as her place is with her friends....

Compared to the previous Reika episode about the election, this is ten times better. First Reika has doubts that she will be leaving everyone and the girls has the same problem in their mind. Ever Miyuki admitted she will be betraying herself if she asked Reika to go to England which the others followed suit.

The scene with them crying was pretty good although Candy was really a whining baby. But the animation for their close up was excellent and the fight scene with Joker was one of the best. With Reika's Image Song-Anata no Kagami (which is in the Vocal collection vol. 1) playing in the background, it was the perfect fit. It seems like Reika scored a home-run after two strikes from her previous solo episodes. (Beauty Blizzard Arrow was cool but Sapphire Arrow is the still the best in the execution, Cure Aqua's calm expression turn me on each time she fire it)

Next week, it is Miyuki's story and she met an old childhood friend and the origin of her catchphrase-Ultra Happy will be explained. See you next week!


  1. She connects two swords into a bow and arrow like Signum in Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha A's! She way better than Cure Aqua in my opinion

    1. The combination was cool but her firing wasn't impressive