Sunday, December 9, 2012

Smile Precure Ep 42: Siblings Bond

Nao's mother is going to the hosptial to deliver their seventh child and her father told Nao to take care of her five siblings.

Last Chance, Majorina!

The other girls heard the news of Nao's mother from Reika and Miyuki suggested they should help Nao too. Meanwhile, Joker gave Majorina one last chance to defeat the Precures and she target Cure March.

It's just me nitpicking but Nao and Reika wear the same clothes when they are kids?!

The Midorikawa siblings went to the shopping district to buy food and the shop attendants welcome the kids. Miyuki and the others were walking to Nao's house and Reika mentioned that Nao was very proud to be an elder sister when her first brother was born.

Nao rushed out of the house and saw the others. She told them Hina and Yuuta left the house without informing them. They began to search them not knowing Hina and Yuuta have went to the shopping district to buy apples for dinner.

Majorina spotted the two kids and lured them into touching an apple. The two kids got trapped in a giant apple as Nao and her siblings spotted them. Nao want to transform but her siblings are around. Majorina started to chase them which leave Nao no choice but to transform.

Three more turns!


Majorina sucked the Bad End energy on her siblings and turn the apple into a Hyper Akanbe. With Hina and Yuuta trapped in the Akanbe, Cure March have to play defence and got hurt in the process. Her siblings tried to protect her and Majorina fired a shot at them.

Cure March rushed to deflect the shot and in the process felt a huge surge of energy. She was able to overcome Majorina but it forced to transform into her younger form. Cure March used her new attack-Precure March Shoot Impact and knocked Majorina to the sky.

But Majorina fired another shot and it hit the siblings. Cure March was shocked at the attack however Cure Happy and Cure Sunny protect them while Cure Peace and Cure Beauty rescued Hina and Yuuta from the Akanbe's body.

Three More Left!

The Precures stood together and used Princess Form to defeat Majorina and got a new decor. Nao was in tears and thanked her friends. Her father came by and informed her mother is about to give birth.

Nao, will you like to have a baby with me? (Just kidding!)

They went to the hospital and Nao's siblings claimed they had a dream of Nao protecting them and the girls kept mum about it. Their mother finally give birth to a girl and they named her Yui which Nao welcome her to the family...

I think Nao could be a nominee for best Onee Chan of the year. She has to take care of five siblings, do the housework and be a Precure at the same time. One thing, her siblings are not annoying brats and they respect her as an elder. Majorina's final attempt to defeat Cure March was pretty low for her. She doesn't care if the siblings are captured or hurt as she want Cure March defeated or dead.

Compared to Cure Sunny and Cure Peace's new attack, March Shoot Impact was pretty norm and not as awesome or over the top like the other two. Although the unarmed combat was awesome with Cure March and Majorina not giving in.

Somebody do a wallpaper of Cure Beauty! It's awesome!

Cure March's new Form!

So Joker is the last general and he aimed his sights on Reika in the next episode. Reika faced a dilemma-to accept a scholarship to England or stayed with her friends. One thing is for sure, Joker is not pulling all the stops this time around!

P.S: I saw the promo picture of Doki Doki Precure and I have one thing to say-Kamen Rider Blade! I will get into more details of DDP once Toei announced the voice cast, the villains and the civilian form.


  1. I'm actually looking farward to Doki Doki because of the leaked poster.

  2. Ok so that scene where Joker threatened Majorina and said she hadn't seen Wolfurun or Aka Oni recently...then the shot of that skull in the cauldron...WTF??? Was that Wolfurun's skull? That freaking creeped me out, TOEI. Are all 3 villians dead now? If so I am gutted. I really liked Majorina. :-( Hate Joker.