Thursday, December 6, 2012

Quick Picks: Busou Shinki Ep 9, Girls und Panzer Ep 8, Chuni Byo Ep 10

Busou Shinki Ep 9: Two Shinki, Oorbel and Zil prayed that for a Savior to save their town. Meanwhile, Ann and the others were delivering food to Rihito and took a break in the park.


A rice ball fell into a hole and Nene followed it. She accidentally crashed and was rescued by Oorbel and Zil. Ann and Ines went to look for Nene, leaving Hina alone with the food. The two Shinki arrived in a strange town where abandoned Shinki inhabited here. They were captured by the ruler of the town-Queen Claudi and held as prisoners.

Nene listened to Oorbel and Zil who claimed to be rebels against Claudi's rule and agreed to help. They started a distraction in the town as Nene went to rescue the prisoners and came across Ann and Ines.

Oorbel and Zil were lured to a trap and was forced to fight to the death by Claudi. However Hina arrived and rescue Ann and the others. Nene saw Rihito's lunch box fell to the ground and caught hold of a cooked tako. Oorbel realised she is the Savior and Nene took down Claudi (Due to her anger) and saved the town.

Meanwhile, Rihito is still waiting for his food...

A pretty fun episode with the girls helping a resistance to overthrow an evil ruler. However it is noted that a true fact remains. There will be Shinki who are being abandoned and somehow they felt a complete hatred to humans. Claudi forbid the word "Master" that perhaps she is also a victim of negligence by her master.

Nene who always come about as clumsy and naive saved the day and in the next episode, the girls prepare to get a Christmas present for Rihito.

Girls und Panzer Ep 8: Dajirin visited Katyusha from Pravda High and informed her their next opponent happened to be Miho from Nishizumi. However Katyusha do not fear them and boost she will win the semi finals as she was the champion last year.

Ooari High got another team which comprise of the Public Morals committee to enter the Senshado team. Although Anzu invited Miho for some Nabe after lessons, she did not tell her anything regarding the reason of their Senshado team.

Miho's mother discussed with Maho over whether to disown Miho from the family and before the semi finals match, Katyusha and her second-in-command, Nonna met Miho and her team. She mocked at them and even "thanks" Miho for letting them win in last year's match.

It's a Trap!

During the battle, Ooari High were all pumped up and started chasing Pravda High to a corner. However it was a trap and they were surrounded by reinforcements. They quickly seek shelter in a large church and Pravda High gave them three hours to surrender.

Everyone went to give up but Yuzuko was uptight against it. She finally spill out the beans-Their school will be closed down if they do not win the Finals...

I smell a mile away why Ooari High was so determined to revive Senshado and drag Miho into it. Most probably their school is suffering from financial issues and winning the final could gave them a chance for the school to carry on.

Like I said before, the show felt like a 90s sports movie and with a reason like closing down the school, it is no wonder they have to win. If the student council found out the truth earlier, I guess it will cause more pressure for Miho but in the current situation they are in now, it is do or die which I will like to see how they will handle it. Miho's mother is also an overly strict parent who want to disown her claiming she will disgrace the family's name. No wonder, Maho felt helpless after hearing it.

So can Miho create a miracle and will the team still function after knowing the truth? (The Russian version of March of the Sugar Plum Fairy sung by Katyusha and Nonna was pretty good)

This is okay...

This is not!

Chuni Byo Ep 10: Rikka and Yuuta have conflicting feelings about each other and both poured their feelings to Sanae and Isshiki. Later Yuuta and Rikka left together after school but have problems expressing their feelings.

After Rikka's umbrella flew away, Yuuta took the courage and confess to her. She accepted it and shake their pinkies together as a form of love.

Yuuta met Toka and she explained she is being accepted in a restaurant in Italy. Their mother is coming to stay with Rikka however they are not in good terms. She want Yuuta to help Rikka face reality however Yuuta sided Rikka.

During the festival, Rikka's mother met Yuuta and he deduced it is her after she claimed looking for her. Her mother passed a lunch box for Rikka to him. He met Rikka and he finally asked her to remove her eye patch. (As it is her way of escaping reality)

But it went sour and she ran away but took the lunch box. That night, Rikka went on stage and started singing her father's favourite song. Toka and Yuuta were stunned as Rikka removed her eye patch and she was not wearing her color contact lens...

Another emotional rollercoaster ride with Yuuta and Rikka expressed their feelings for each other (By shaking pinkies) I know she become a Chuni Byo due to her father's death and the eye patch is her only grasp with fantasy. Yuuta tried to do his best to help her accept reality but it didn't went well.

The lunch box was quite interesting as Rikka didn't threw it away and finally removing her contact lens and singing her father's favourite song was perhaps a first step in accepting the truth. If it wouldn't for the comic relief by Shinka and Sanae in this episode, it will be pretty heavy to swallow so much emotions. So will Rikka accept her mother or Yuuta have to come to be the middle man in the next episode? See you next week!

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