Thursday, December 13, 2012

Quick Picks: Busou Shinki Ep 10, Girls und Panzer Ep 9, Chuni Byo Ep 11

Busou Shinki Ep 10: Ann and the other Shinki tried to get part time jobs to buy a Christmas present for Rihito. Ann met a Santa Shinki named Tsugaru and she was offered the job of Santa Helper.

The other Shinki also get jobs and continue work on Christmas Eve. Ann and Tsugaru went to deliver gifts to children all over the town however Tsugaru got injured in an accident. Ann volunteered to finish the delivery but the last gift got stuck on top of a tower.

Ann tried to get it but the snow blizzard was too strong. She saw Hina and Ines who just finished their work and they get to the top with a Santa Balloon. Together with Lene, they got the last present and delivered it safety.

Tsugaru gave Ann her pay and they went to buy Rihito's present. When they returned home, everyone suffered a bad case of cold and fainted. Ann woke up the next day and realised Rihito has tended to them when he returned home. He also thank Ann for the present too..

A case of the Shinki doing part time jobs just to earn money to buy their master a present. Ann tried to get the last gift for her job but was too weak however her friends came to lend a hand (Although Lene was the only one just singing while the others are doing the hard work) and finally got the delivery done.

Not much to say about this episode although I find it ridiculous that the Shinki are not vulnerable to cold and even caught a fever?

Girls und Panzer Ep 9: The Student Council Trio explained their school is being shortlisted due to lack of funds to maintain the school as such it will be closed the following year. The only way to retain the status quo is to win a certain sport event which in this case is Senshado.

Everyone felt down after hearing the news however Miho encouraged everyone not to give up yet. She sent Yukari and Mako to scout Pravda High's strength. As the deadline approaches, the girls were not getting together which left Miho to do the Jellyfish dance all of a sudden.

The rest joined in which somehow lightened their spirits and stunned everyone in the audience. Miho then told a Pravda's scout they will fight to the end. Ooari High did everything they could but lost the Student Council Tank in a gunfight.

Miho sent Yukari to scout for the Flag tank and found it hiding in a town. Miho raced to take it down while Pravda is chasing their Flag tank too. At the last second, both team fired at the flag tank at the same time...

Is it a popular cliche today that the main characters' school is suffering some crisis and they have to win otherwise the school will be close down? In Tari Tari, the same scenario occurred and now Girls und Panzer? Although I have my suspicious of why the Student Council desperately restart Senshado and insist on Miho to join the team. Anyway with both team fired at the flag tanks at the same time, who will advance to the finals? Ten Bucks says Ooari High but they really need to buckle up if they want to win the finals!

Chuni Byo Ep 11: Three weeks after Rikka removed her eyepatch, Toka bid farewell to everyone as she left to Italy. Rikka tried to behave normally and started going to school with Yuuta.

However Sanae insisted Rikka to go back to who she used to be but Rikka did not budge. Later she started mixing with other classmates which everyone was happy for her. After class, Sanae tried to persude her again but Rikka claimed the club will be disbanded tomorrow.

Sanae was so angry that Shinka have to drag her out of the room and cry in her arms. After Yuuta helped Rikka in cleaning up her room, they went out for dinner and ate underneath a flyover.

Rikka told him her mother want her to visit her father's grave and Yuuta gave his blessings. The next day, Yuuta sent her off at the train station however Sanae tried one last time to convince her. Rikka was unmoved and board the train.

Yuuta tried to talk some sense into Sanae and she burst into tears claiming she know everything was make-believe but she still go along with it. She even claimed that Rikka has always wanted him to accept her delusional side but Yuuta felt it will do them no good if he allow her to continue like that...

I am starting to wonder if this show is really a comedy or a serious mellow drama? Because even since the summer holiday episode, Rikka wasn't herself and it is getting more and more depressing every episode. With Yuuta and Sanae bursting to tears knowing they have to grow up and move on, will Rikka follow suit? I know Rikka is trying her best to move ahead which alienate Sanae and Yuuta doing everything to support her (Which could be a good or bad move) But I know somehow, Rikka will do the right thing as next week is the final episode! See you then!

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