Thursday, November 1, 2012

Strike Witches the Movie Review (Screenshots and Spoliers included)

I finally get to see Strike Witches the Movie and let see how the Witches of Squad 501 fare in the big screen!

Our story take place a few months after Season 2. Hamari from Germany is patrolling the night skies when she encounter a high speed Neuroi. She managed to take down and reported the matter to her superior, Minna.

In Japan, Yoshika met a fellow Witch, Hattori Shizuka which she understand that Sakamoto Mio is out at sea. Shizuka informed her she is given a scholarship to study medicine in Romania due to her services in Squad 501. Her family approved her of going overseas and Shizuka is in charge of escorting Yoshika on a naval ship.

Meanwhile, Sherry and Lucchini were having a boat race with the Romania Witches when they encounter the same Neuroi from Germany. They also shot it down with the help of the Romania Witches.

During the journey, Yoshika began to help around the ship which displease Shizuka. She reprimanded Yoshika to remember that she is an officer and should set an example.

Yoshika X Lynette Pairing again!

Later, an accident occurred in the ship's engine room and a sailor is trapped in there. Everyone gave up but Yoshika rushed in and managed to save the sailor. The next day, Lynette and Perrine arrived to welcome Yoshika and they invited them to Perrine's home for the night.

Sanya and Eila took off from a Russian base where they too encounter the Neuroi. Lynette gave Yoshika a new apron for her medical studies and bid farewell. Along the way, a landslide hit a village and Yoshika rushed to save the injured (By using the new apron as bandages)

Minna ordered Barkhorn and Hartman to investigate the Neuroi sightings and encounter a whole squadron of Neuroi. They took down the first wave however there were too many of them and soon the whole of Europe is under attack by Neuroi.

Communications is jammed all over Europe and the Witches and the Armies are tied down by the attacks. Yoshika and Shizuka saw a Neuroi tower near the village. Shizuka took off in her Striker Unit while Yoshika evacuated the villagers.

The Ensigna behind state-Noble Witches

Shizuka was ambushed and was shot down. Yoshika tried to take down the tower with Shizuka's machine gun and successfully destroyed it. But the blast was too great and Yoshika is badly wounded.

Yoshika's Revival!

A Neuroi mother ship suddenly emerged from the ground and release more Neuroi drones. Shizuka tried to call for help in the short range radio which fortunately Minna and the others received nearby. Yoshika could hear everyone's voice and then a miracle happened. An energy field surrounded Yoshika which revive her powers.

Reinforcements from the Yamato Fleet arrived to assist The Witches also saw Mio on a plane and they clear a path for her to reach Yoshika. Mio dropped a capsule near Yoshika and it was her Striker Unit-Shin Den. She piloted it and reunited with everyone.

Minna gave the orders to attack the Neuroi mother ship and together with Yoshika, they created a large shield and smash through the mother ship.

The mother ship was destroyed and Shizuka hugged Yoshika in tears. Hamari informed that Europe is still under attack by the Neuroi. Minna announced the revival of Squad 501 and they immediately sortie out to save Europe...

Season 3?

So that's the end of the Movie and the ending credits left a "To be Continued" shot at the end which could indicate that a new season is on the works? So what I think of this movie?

When the first season came out four years ago, people have mixed reactions of why the girls wore only panties wherever they go. But the action scenes and chemistry between the characters was great which a second season was immediately planned ahead. The second season was also good and it showed how the witches are not invincible and there is a limit of power they have due to their age. Mio lose her power completely and Yoshika make the ultimate sacrifice and lose her powers too.

So when I thought is Yoshika going to be a hinder around since she has no powers? No, she prove she can be helpful to everyone which bring us to Hattori Shizuka. Shizuka come from a military family and she look upon Yoshika as a War Hero. However her views change when Yoshika behave as her usual self which leave her with doubts. But Yoshika charge into to save the sailor or took down the Neuroi tower with only a machine gun, she realised that Yoshika is selfless and has a strong will to overcome anything.

The rest of the characters were fine, reprising what they have been doing the TV series and we get to see more Witches from other countries which is a neat thing. The battle scenes were cool though the camera tend to show more panties shots underneath when they are flying from above. Overall, the pacing was slightly a bit slow especially the Yoshika and Hattori parts. But the last twenty minutes make up for it. Let's hope for a new season though this movie was out early March this year and no news has yet announced. Till then, Strike Witches Go!!!

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