Monday, May 28, 2012

Smile Precure Ep 17: Fighting is Easy, Comedy is Hard!

Akane and Miyuki were doing Mansai (Skit Talk) in the tree house. Everyone laughed at their performance expect Reika who couldn't understand the joke. Akane explained that the comedy duo-Fujiwara is coming to town for a skit talk contest and want to see them live.

Meanwhile, Majorina who got hold of the same news, created a pair of neck rings for her next scheme. Wolfrun and Aka Oni who are clueless decide to enter the same contest too.

The girls decided to go backstage hoping to see Fujiwara and indeed they meet the duo. The duo even welcome the girls to their dressing room. Candy nearly blew her cover which the girls tried to hide it. Fujiwara find them amusing and suggested to them to enter the contest.

The contest begin and Wolfrun and Aka Oni who are in disguise tried to get their act together but the audience were stumped by their performances. Next it was the girls' turn. However Miyuki and Akane were shocked to find their parents among the audiences and got stage fright. The others tried to help but everything went haywire and the audiences think it was part of the act.

They returned backstage disappointed but Fujiwara gave them words of encouragement and began their performance. Majorina used the neck rings on the duo who suddenly lost their sense of humor. She then proceed to suck Bad End Energy on the people. The girls realised what was going on and quickly transformed.

That's a BIG HEAD!

With will power, you can overcome anything!

Majorina then used both red and blue ball to create Akanbe and Aoibe from two Fujiwara signboards. The girls tried their best but were overwhelmed and the Aoibe landed on them. Majorina told them laughter is useless in this world which Fujiwara overheard and broke free from the Bad End Energy.

Press 555...Wrong Show!

The Wild Beast! Cure Gorilla!

Fujiwara told Majorina that Laughter is the best weapon in the world and the girls were surprised too. Candy (who blow her cover) claimed they could be the next Precure which they tried to transform like the girls. (Yeah, it's ridiculous, I know!)

Don't hurt my Idols!

Two more to go!

Their act cause Aoibe to laugh and fell on his head which free the girls. The Akanbe tried to attack Fujiwara but was stopped by Cure Sunny. She began to fight back and finally used Sunny Fire to defeat Akanbe. The others also fought the Aoibe and used Rainbow Healing to destroy it.

My life is ruined!!!!

Everything went back to normal and Fujiwara thank the girls. Akane asked them to keep their identifies secret however during a television program, Fujiwara imitated the Precures which embarrassed Akane...

Like Reika, I too don't really get the jokes in Mansai. But the focus is about laughter is the best medicine in the world which is a common theme in Precure and furthermore, Smile Precure is about smile and laughter which I find this season to be more comedic then the more serious seasons like Heartcatch or Suite.

The fight was awesome this week with two monsters of the week and Cure Sunny kick ass! I should say now Cure Sunny is my 2nd favourite Red/Orange Cures. (Cure Passion is still my favourite Red Cure) Oh yeah, Candy mentioned that Fujiwara could be the sixth Precure even though it was a spur of the moment but are they hinting that in the future, a sixth member is coming? I hope so, because technically the theme this season is colors of the rainbow and we are short of two colors.

But that's another story to tell and given that we are two decors away, I got a feeling we will be getting our first major arc soon in another month and perhaps a new power-up?

Next week, it is a Sport Day episode and the girls are getting on the relay race with Nao as the anchor! You go, Nao!


  1. >but are they hinting that in the future, a sixth member is coming? I hope so, because technically the theme this season is colors of the rainbow and we are short of two colors.

    I don't want to spoil you but Toei had announced smile movie earlier, it seems sticking with 5 members.

  2. There's a rumour that says that the sixth member is Cure Lucky (purple). I got this from a Facebook fan page.

  3. @kragito the 22 strike on the clock will be in the first or the second week of july so the major arc with pierrot awaken should be in the next month