Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Quick Picks: Busou Shinki Ep 4, Chuni Byo Ep 4, Girls und Panzer Ep 4

I am Kamen Shinki!
Busou Shinki Ep 4: Ines and Lene had some disagreement which later she spotted Lene entering a Shinki Racing Contest which the winner get a free trip to Okinawa. Ines in disguise entered the race too and they came across many obstacles.

I on Fire!!!

In the end, they both lose the race due to Hina being the last obstacle. In fact, Lene's reason of entering the race was to win a bottle of Strawberry Oil for Ines which she is touched. Ann came back after some misfortunes and won a free trip to Okinawa at the shopping mall...

So we get to see more different Shinki like a Mermaid Shinki and a pretty aggressive commentator Shinki while again the pair of Cat Shinki are up to their dirty tricks, sabotaging the race. (I think of them as the Bulk and Skull of the show) So with a free trip at hand, the Shinki and their master are off to Okinawa however someone is lurking in the shadows for them there...

Stop!! No more!!

Chuni Byo Ep 4: Yuuta keep wondering why Shinka want to join their club and out of the blue, she want to visit his home on Sunday. When she arrived, Yuuta found her ransacking his room and realised she want to get back a book that Sanae passed to Yuuta last week.

Yuuta read the contents and realised Shinka wrote it when she was in middle school which make her another Chuni Byo victim. Shinka burned the book but Sanae claimed she has more copies of it which got Shinka pissed off and got into a delusion fight with her.

However Sanae refused to accept Shinka is the author of the book which leave her no choice but to join in the club..

It is funny how life can come back and bite you which in this case, Shinka who believe in faeries and spirits during her younger days was so horrified that the book that she is determined to destroy it has multiple copies done by Sanae. Even though Yuuta tried to help her but it is all futile and now Shinka has no choice but to join the club in order to convince Sanae that she is the author-Mori Summer. (Pretty Lame name for a Fantasy Character) Now Yuuta has a different take on Shinka seeing she is not the model student that he want her to be...

Girls und Panzer Ep 4: The match begin for Miho and company aganist St Gloria. After a disastrous start, Miho managed to reorganise the team and took down four of St Gloria's tanks. However, she was unable to defeat the Commander's team due to it's tougher shell. 

After the match, Hana met her mother on the mainland and was disgusted by Hana's entry to Senshado. Her mother immediately forbid her from coming to the house again. Although disappointed, the girls received a tea set by St Gloria as a token of sportsmanship. Soon after, the girls entered the National Panzer Tournament and their first opponent is Saunders University...

I was surprised that Miho was able to take down four tanks with two tanks by her side. Using the street terrain, they were able to use the small alley and corners to create ambush and overcome the odds. The last showdown with the Commander Tank was cool as Miho's tank was able to do a drift like a race car and attack at the same time.

Even the Captain of St Gloria was impressed and claimed Miho is more interesting than her elder sister, Maho. Hana also got some screen time as she find her life is more meaningful with Senshado rather than Flower Making which I hope her mother will understand her in the future. For now, the girls are entering the Nationals and with their first opponent who happened to have a lot of tanks, can Miho able to create miracles again?

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