Sunday, November 4, 2012

Quick Picks: Busou Shinki Ep 5, Chuni Byo Ep 5, Zombie Desu Ka S2 Ep 11 OVA

Busou Shinki Ep 5: The Shinki were excited about their trip to Okinawa with Rihito. However Rihito took the wrong luggage and the Shinki were left behind. They decided to go and find Rihito and began a road trip to Okinawa.

Along the way, they lost their way and their spare batteries. They spent the night in the woods and were almost attacked by wolves when a Military Shinki saved them. The Military Shinki gave them some batteries and directed them to the right direction.

Finally, they arrived at Okinawa and reunited with Rihito...

Compared to last week's episode, I thought the Shinki will have some adventures at Okinawa but instead it is more of a road trip to get there. Other than getting lost and rescued by the Military Shinki, this week is pretty mellow. But next week, the Shinki get involved in a hijack incident on the plane and have to battle a Terrorist Shinki.

Chuni Byo Ep 5: Rikka failed her last maths test and is warned by her teacher that if she doesn't buckle up in the next test, the club will be disbanded. Rikka suggested to wash the swimming pool to earn extra credits but backfired due to everyone playing around.

Lelouch Command You!

Yuuta decided to guide Rikka and promise her a cool email address for her cell phone. After getting the results (Rikka passed the paper), Yuuta gave her an address which Rikka thank him on his cell phone...

Rikka was too absorbed in her fantasies that it affected her results which I think most of us during our younger days experience the same problems too. Studies is important and everyone tried to help Rikka (With hilarious results) which I am guessing that they know the club will be disbanded if they don't do something. I think in their heart, they do enjoy their time in the club. Although Yuuta had to resort to "waving the carrot" to Rikka but it work in the end and Rikka did thank him. Hopefully she will realise fantasy and reality are two different matters...

Zombie Desu Ka S2 Ep 11 OVA: Orito challenged Haruna into selling items in a flea market. Somehow, the male customers were attracted by the various girls' cleavage which Ayumu used it to sell Haruna's items.

It's a miracle that Sara didn't eat Ayumu alive..

Ayumu accidentally drink a potion which turn him invisible and a magic necklace is sold by accident to one of the female students during the flea market. He went to find out who bought it and observed the girls having their physical exam.

At least I get to see Sera in her underwear (Yummy!)

However the invisibility wore off and he was caught by Takeo in the bluff. But she wasn't surprised and even offered her jacket to him. After getting the necklace back, Ayumu drank another potion by accident and now he could see through the girls' clothes which he got a beating by everyone...

This OVA is pretty all right with fan services from the girls and Ayumu got an eyeful seeing the girls in the physical exam. Although I suspected why Takeo don't feel a thing by Ayumu in the bluff, a normal girl will have freaked out. (Sara will eat him alive if she didn't have the physical exam) But that will be another story to tell and hopefully a new season in the future...

P.S: The latest episode of Smile Precure will return next Sunday.

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