Sunday, September 30, 2012

Smile Precure Ep 33: Samurai Pop

The girls went to on a tour of the Period drama village where filming are conducting for a new show. Miyuki thought they were real demons and tried to stop them. But it was just a movie set and she was reprimanded by the director.

The movie title sounds like a familiar All-Stars Movie we know...

The girls then saw a poster for a new movie and tried to imitate the characters. A director saw them and asked if they are interested in acting for the new movie. They agreed to it and wore their costumes.

Reika Hime Sama!

Yeah, I am biased of having two screenshots of Reika

Pop transformed to a human and managed to convince the director that he want to act in the film.

They began acting their roles however Pop stole the show and the director was impressed with him.

Hi, Brother!

Aka Oni saw a commercial of the Period drama village and thought it is a real town for demons. He arrived at the place and wondered did he saw the Precures earlier.

The director told them it is the finale and everyone got into their roles. Aka Oni crashed the set and started destroying the place. Pop told everyone to stand together which Aka Oni realised it is just a movie set.

Ten turns left!

He sucked the Bad End energy out of everyone and the girls transformed. Aka Oni turned a video camera into a Hyper Akanbe and merged with it. Hyper Akanbe was able to control the Precures' movements and started making them go forward, backwards and pause like a real video recorder.

13 more to go!

Pop arrived and tried to damage Hyper Akanbe but his sword got destroyed by it's hard body. Candy used the elephant decor to spray water on it which damaged it's system. The girls broke free and used Royal Rainbow Burst to defeat Hyper Akanbe and a new decor is collected.

After Aka Oni retreated, the film was completed but Pop took the video away so as to protect the girls' identifies as Precures. He told them he will edit the footage and return to the director later.

I want my money back!!!

That's all, folks!

A few days later, the girls went for a screening of the movie but realised Pop is the main focus and the girls' scenes were cut out totally....

For Pop, playing as a samurai for a movie is a dream come true and he is pretty awesome. The girls did their part well and I am in love with Reika Hime. (She is really worth the title of Hime) I feel sorry that Aka Oni just want to be pals with real demons but it was just a movie set, that kinda hurt his feelings.

The fight scenes was okay with the girls being controlled by the Hyper Akanbe. I thought Pop is going to be the one who saved the day but his sword got destroyed (Ha!) Instead it was Candy who spray water on the Hyper Akanbe and weaken it.

Next episode, it is the School Festival and everyone was excited except one of  their male classmate in their class who seems pissed with everyone about the festival and tried to sabotage it.

P.S: I will be in Japan this Friday till the following Saturday so there won't be a new review of Smile Precure until I am back. But I will be over there watching the show in real time on Sunday Morning! See you then!


  1. Have a safe trip in Japan!

    And dat Akane's 'I want a refund!' face. XDD

    And EPIC Reika is DAMN EPIC!

  2. At lease Pop finally has his own role!

  3. Pop's hairstyle in his human form look similar to Coco's.