Monday, October 1, 2012

Quick Picks: Nakimo Ep 12 FINAL

Shougo and Miyabi rest at Sagara's cafe and she gave a strange look at Miyabi. Later, Miyabi confessed to him that she love him however he rejected her and she ran away.

Shougo knew Yuzurina is eavesdropping them and he confronted her. He knew that Yuzurina is in cahoots with Sera to create a fake scandal for Shougo to fall into. Even Ikusa arrived and she confirmed Yuzurina is not his sister but an actress hired by Sera who used to act in Shougo's favourite show.

Yuzurina admitted to everything and mock Shougo for being a fool. She disappeared without a trace the next day. Shougo heard that Miyabi nearly drown during practice and went to see her. Shougo suspected Sagara knew Miyabi a long time and it was confirmed she used to visit her in the cafe when they were young.

Shougo told Miyabi that she did not have to take the entrance exam as she has a scholarship and furthermore, she change her date of entry to school and went to see Shougo at the funeral. Miyabi explained when she was younger, she saw Shougo's father talking to her father and gave a large stack of money to him.

When she was older, she read the letter included in the money and know the truth. She tried to warn Yuzurina of what will happen but Yuzurina make use of her and nearly got Shougo into trouble.

Shougo promised her he will treat her better than a sister despite everything. A few days, Shougo and the others went to cheer Miyabi at her swimming competition.

Later, Shougo and Ikusa had a talk at the rooftop and now know they have enemies who are willing to sabotage Shougo's future. The girls arrived and Konoe, Miyabi and Rinka fought over him but he tried to give them the slip and the girls chased him again...

Final Thoughts: When I watch the first episode, the setting sounds familiar. A guy looking for a girl who could be his sister but every girl has their agenda and he have to choose a girl to be his future wife. This sounds similar to Love Hina where Keitaro tried to find out who is the girl that he promise to as a kid.

Love Hina has two possible girls whereas Nakimo has four girls and several unknown. Although it is confirmed Miyabi is his half sister, what will happen now? Will Miyabi aggressively woo Shougo despite their bloodlines or will Konoe, Rinka and any other girls will take the offense? Overall, the fan service was all right. (I heard that the DVD and Blu-Ray release is uncensored with the girls showing their nipples) The characters were lovable but Shougo isn't a very good male lead, above average at most. Advice? Watch only the plot and the girls. There will be an extra episode which I will probably review it when it come then.

Today is the beginning of the Autumn Anime Season and many new shows will be out for the next two weeks. Btooom was pre-bro casted and I heard it is pretty graphic. I read the manga and it is more psychological and people getting blown up left and right.

Magi which I heard many people giving praise based on the manga and I just had a chance to read the first book. It is an interesting take of the 1001 Arabian Nights Tales with Aladdin as the male lead and Ali Baba as his friend. The action is over the top and the comedy was good. So which shows are you waiting for? Hope there will be some good one so that you can see more of it in Quick Picks. See you then!

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