Sunday, September 30, 2012

Dog Days S2 Ep 13 FINAL: The End of Summer

The Union Fest finally ended and there is only two days left before Shinku and the others are supposed to return to Earth.

Leon's casual wear and a pony tail...Yummy!

Eclair gave Shinku a new set of clothes for him and he wore to meet Millhiore and the rest. The three heroes and the three rulers proceed to enjoy themselves for one last time.

When they returned to their carriage, Adela, Valeria and Ikusa were waiting for them. Adela and Valeria told the three heroes to return the hero crystals and will wait for their return. Ikusa showed the three rulers the gifts for the three heroes inside the carriage.

When they reached the castle, they were welcomed by a surprise party organised by Gaul and the others and enjoyed themselves. Ikusa and Brioche enjoyed a bottle of wine as he told her he have given the three heroes their gifts-Two survival knifes for Shinku and Nanami and a kitchen knife for Becky.

Shinku got a shock when Couver want him to take a bath with her. Millhiore and Becky had a talk in the bath room which Millhiore asked her why Shiku always call her Becky instead of Rebecca. She replied Shinku has always treated her as a childhood friend and she got used to the name already.

Couver asked Shinku who should be his future wife however he want to focus on defeating Nanami as that is his current goal now. Couver reminded him not to get blinded by his goal and remember those around him.

This is awkward...

Millhiore invited Becky and Couver to sleep in the same bed which Shinku and Becky were embarrassed. However Becky and Couver went to bed first and the other two tucked in. Millhiore asked if he remembered her confession before he returned the first time. He did and he promised he will returned during Fall. Millhiore smiled and they hugged each other tightly...

The next day, the three heroes returned their items to their respective rulers. Shinku and Becky were preparing to leave and Couver presented a gift to Becky-a necklace from her late mother. Millhiore also presented a special make clock for Shinku to take back. Leon presented the trophy they won in the Union Fest to Nanami and finally all three heroes returned to Earth.

Maybe Becky should just keep her hair down next season...

They returned safely and life goes on for everyone. Shinku met Becky the next day and he was stunned by her mature look. He asked if it is okay if he can call her Rebecca. He tried call her Rebecca which got her all blushed up. Shinku realised it is better to call her Becky instead. Becky immediately confessed she love him and he too said he like her too...

Final Thoughts: So Dog Days ended and it is a mixed bag for me. One, I was happy to see everyone again especially my LEON SAMA! (She is still hot!) When it was announced that Nanami and Becky joined Shinku in his adventures, I thought there will be some tension among them but instead everyone is like high on drugs! (A figure of speech) Everyone is lovable and nobody hate each other. Even the introduction of Adele and Valeria who are supposed to be bad ass characters were reduced to comic relief.

It felt like they focus too much on the fun part and forgotten the main plot which is how everyone reacted when Shinku bring his friends along. Even this last episode felt kinda of short of a big climax like the previous season. I have doubts if they are willing to do a third season and if they do, bring some tension and a decent plot the next time.

Shinku in this season is like a total dense bag. There were some moments where he did something awesome that got the supporting female characters like Eclair and Yukikaze to fall for him but overall, a step back from the last season. Millhiore is boring like a sweet cupcake with rarely any developments. Leon is still Bad Ass but her relationship with Nanami was very generic and we hardly see any developments with both of them.

Becky and Couver were all right and perhaps have the best developments in their relationship however it is like two siblings taking care of each other at most. The rest of the cast was all right and I think Eclair and Shinku's relationship could develop if they follow this path. I mean only Eclair scored with a kiss from Shinku and not even Millhiore had done that.

See you again!

Well, this strange bag of mixed feelings called Dog Days season 2 has ended and if they do return for a third season, keep the mushy and comedy stuff to a minimum and have some plot next time!

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