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Quick Picks: Hagure Yuusha no Estetica Ep 12 FINAL, Oda Nobuna no Yabou Ep 12 FINAL, Accel World EX01

Here, Akastsuki! My token of love!
Hagure Yuusha no Estetica Ep 12 Final: Akatsuki and Myuu were still standing after Phil fired a shot at them. Akatuski's band was damaged and he could not summon his sword. Myuu and Haruka (who woke up quickly than the others) pass their bands to him and he battled Phil again.

Akatsuki defeated Phil and everything went back to normal. Later, the members of Cocoon claimed they could destroy Phil with the power of Babel but it will wipe out everything in around it. They decided to observe more about Akatsuki and Myuu's powers in the future.

Kaido met Akatsuki at school and he knew that Kaido aided him at the last minute by binding Phil before he dealt with the final blow. Kaido later spoke to an unknown person claiming Akatsuki will be suitable for their plans.

Meanwhile Risty argued with Lord Disdian of the misuse of power by Phil and now all the demons are running amok across the land. She send a prayer to Akatsuki which he heard it and decided to go and help her.

Myuu want to follow him too and even told Izumi and Kuzuha about her true identify. They agreed to help too which Akatsuki had no objections. Haruka want to give Akatsuki his new custom band and Kaido tease her.

All right, let's pray for a second season!

Both of them saw a light coming from the house and realised they are teleporting. They joined in too and they are transported to Alazzard...

So that's it!? I want more of it! This is where the good part begins with Akatsuki and his friends will fight in Alazzard where the rules are different and fighting real demons and monsters! But they have to end like this with no closure and misleading the viewers that it is still continuing but no, it's confirmed-this episode is the last one for this season.

Final Thoughts: To me, Akatsuki is a male lead which we are lacking for the last few years. The kind of male lead who won't get embarrassed over naked girls and getting overwhelmed by the number of stronger female characters. Instead, he is one tough SOB who go on the offensive and win every girl's heart he met. However, he remained cool and still act like a lone wolf. The only person he care about is Myuu which he make a promise to take care of her after killing her father.

Myuu is quite all right like a fish-out-of-water who has to learn how to live like a normal person. But she is not so dumb or silly like most fish-out-of-water female leads and she prove she can be tough when she wants to. The only thing I dislike is she is a bit of crybaby. Surprisingly enough, she is voiced by Hisaka Yoko who did Risa of High School DxD and Mio from K-On which are strong characters. Like how Sato Satomi did a good job of Eru in Hyouka, Hisaka Yoko can also play sweet girls and not being typecast.

The rest of the cast was great with some good actions and fan services in it. The only thing is the ending for this episode which is tauting us to make a second season. If it does come out, please make it 26 episodes. This show still has a lot of content from the light novels and so long as Akatsuki kick ass and teasing girls at the same time, I am okay with that!

Oda Nobuna no Yabou Ep 12 Final: As Nobuna sortie her forces to kill Konoe, Hanbei explained to Nene and the others that Hanzo and Zenki faked Sagara's death and he is probably in hiding.

While Dosan and the others are searching for Sagara, Mitsuhide found him and tend to his wounds in a cave. But Sagara's body temperature is dropping, Mitsuhide stripe herself to warm his body.

Konoe burnt down the temples and became insane which frightened Gosei and he warned Hanbei and the others about what happened. Nobuna tried to battle Yoshitatsu and will prove to him she can make Japan a peaceful country.

Katsuie, Nagahide and Matsunaga came to her aid and she confronted Konoe. He started preaching that only the nobles are worthy of ruling which Nobuna rebutted it was because of prejudice, the country is in a state of chaos.

Konoe tried to stab her but the Iphone saved her and she killed him. Suddenly Sagara arrived and Nobuna thought it was a dream when he asked for a kiss from her. But the others arrived and she got embarrassed.

Hanbei summoned rain and it extinguished the fire and the war was over. Nobuna and the rest returned as heroes and everyone relaxed for that moment of peace...

Compared to Hagure Yuusha's finale, at least it ended with a conclusion. Nobuna saved Japan from turning to chaos and I was right about Sagara faking his own death. Zenki disguise himself as Sagara and Hanzo played the role of convincing murderer very well. Although Yoshikage escaped and it is no brainier we will see him again but at least the former Miyoshi Three-Gosei who hated foreigners had a change of heart and Tsuda who was blinded by greed, learnt his way.

Final Thoughts: Of all the adaptation of Sengoku or Sangoku animes, this one is pretty good and it make me pumped up to watch the next episode. Although it is still a gender bender show with majority of the characters are female but the strength lies in it's chemistry with each other. Sagara is not the totally useless male lead and his strength lies in his knowledge and quick thinking. (Yes, we know now the Iphone can save you from a bullet slug and a sword stab which is BS!)

Nobuna herself is pretty appealing and I like her character (which is probably due to Itou Kanae's feisty performance) and she can act as a tough warlord one moment and sweet princess in a flash.

Like how I wanted Hagure Yuusha to have a second season, I want see more of Nobuna's path of conquest as Sagara and the others stand by her side and the last scene showed Takada Shingen who can prove to be a tough match for Nobuna. Until then, BAKA SARU!

Accel World EX01: A mysterious avatar has been attacking students in the school network and stealing their items and costumes. The next day, Haru felt awkward around Hime and Chiyu after the Nomi incident. Before he could do anything, he got dragged away by Leopard who want him to pass a message to Hime on Niko's behalf.

Haru looked cute in army gear!

Later, Hime told Haru, Taku and Chiyu about the mysterious avatar and they decided to stake out for the avatar. They discovered the avatar which is revealed to be a girl named Dasha.

Guess where Chiyu's hand is in Taku's body?

She teleported them to another world and Hime realised it has similar functions like the Accel world. They focused hard however only Hime and Chiyu was able to transform properly.

They fought Dasha which has become too fast for them. Haru found her weakness but was too scared to tell Hime. Chiyu told him to be a man and he finally told Hime about Dasha's weakness.


They joined forces and they become one unit and defeated Dasha. Dasha's soul lead them away out of the portal. The next day, Hime explained that Dasha is probably a lost program who need someone to clean the game and end the program.

Both of them make up and Haru promised when he is confident enough, he will call her by her first name...

So those who couldn't get enough of Accel World will have this little side story which felt like a filler episode other than promoting Hime in her new form which is officially known as Kuroyukihime Accel Assault version. Still, this is the first of two OVA, the next one is coming out a few months later for the next second PS3 game. For the time being, let's hope for a second season while waiting for the next OVA.

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  1. I was also hoping for a second season on Hagure Yuusha no Estetica. Too bad they haven't made one yet.