Monday, September 24, 2012

Smile Precure Ep 32: The Secret of the Royal Clock Part 2

Joker captured Akane, Yayoi, Nao and Reika into a crystal ball. He told Miyuki they are now in a paradise with no worries.

Miyuki volunteered to enter the realm to save them. She entered the realm and woke up in school. Her friends told her they are going to the amusement park but she had a strange feeling about everything.

She arrived at the amusement park while Candy also volunteered to enter the realm. Akane and the others make Miyuki to enjoy yourself and she fell into the spell. Candy arrived and tried to wake her up with the shared cookie.

Miyuki remembered everything and she tried to wake up Akane and the others. Candy suggested to use Happy Shower to destroy the realm. Miyuki transformed and fire a shot to the sky but Joker stopped it with his card.

He used a yellow ball to transform a roller coaster into a Kiirobe. Cure Happy began battling Kiirobe but it is too strong for her. Joker laughed at her claiming that it is useless as work hard and experience failure and sadness in the end.

Cure Happy rebutted him that ever though they encountered failure, as long her friends are around, they will work harder than before to overcome everything. She was knocked down and Kiirobe was about to fire a shot when Candy went in front of her.

Like how Kokoda Koji review it, Burn your Cosmos, Shoujo Tachi-No!

Their actions reawaken Akane and the others. They transformed too and stood together with Cure Happy. They combine their powers with Candy and was able to break the realm. Joker transformed Kiirobe into Hyper Akanbe with Bad End paint.

Feel the power of the Phoenix!!

Look like we are starting collecting decors again...

The girls quickly transformed to Princess Form and with the power of the Royal Clock, they used Royal Rainbow Burst to defeat Hyper Akanbe and gain a new decor.

After Joker retreated, they stood with the new Royal Clock and Pop explained it is now their most powerful skill for them. They stood together as the sun began to set, more determined than ever...

Despite some parts of the artwork was a bit bad, the fight between Cure Happy and Kiirobe was pretty good. The part where Cure Happy preached about overcoming difficulties was already done in the three parter of the Pegasus Arc. But it worked better here as Joker used the weakness of human which is sloth to trap them.

The Royal Clock itself is an add-on for the Princess Form and instead of a Pegasus, we have a Phoenix which the girls used it as their new finishing move. I was almost expecting them to sprout out Feather Wings on their back.

Pop, is that you?

 Reika Hime (Hot!)

Kunoichi Nao (Sexy!)

I finally found you, brother!

Next week, the girls are starring in a period drama and Pop showed up as a Samurai in human form!

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