Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Papa no Iukoto wo Kikinasai Episode 13: Family Trip

Yuuta and the girls went to a hot spring resort after Hina won it in a lucky draw. When they arrived at the pool, Sora tried to put extra padding on her breasts to make it bigger but was embarrassed to let Yuuta see it.

Raika, Nimura and Sako were also at the same place and they enjoyed together. Sora noticed Raika looking at Yuuta all the time and suspecting something amiss. Yuuta and Hina went to the sea slide and Raika and Sora joined too.

Guess they blow their top!

They landed in the water however Raika's top came off and Sora's breasts pad landed on Yuuta. Later, Sora overheard Raika asking advices from Sako claiming that a bell called Lover's camp on a nearby hill is believed if a couple were to ring the bell, they were be together forever.

Dream on, Yuuta, dream on...

Raika suggested to Yuuta that she sleep in their room which give Sora the wrong idea. After the girls had a hot spring, Raika entered the room and strip herself in front of Yuuta. Raika asked if he want to go to Lover's camp and immediately Nimura, Sora and Sako barged in.

Everyone then realised it was a misunderstanding. Raika's intentions was to bring Hina to Lover's camp and asking Yuuta to come along. The next day, everyone went to ring the bell and wished for everybody together.

On the way back, Yuuta claimed the trip didn't go according to plan but everyone enjoyed themselves...

So that is episode 13 of Listen to Papa's words. It is worth waiting it? Maybe for the most part, it was fun to see Raika getting the spot light with all the fan service directed to her. Sora was just over reacting and Yuuta was completely inactive that a half naked woman was in right of him. The rest of the cast were all right bu this episode is a filler episode. Watch for the fan service not the plot.

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