Monday, July 30, 2012

Quick Picks: Hyouka Ep 15, Oda Nobuna no Yabou Ep 4

Hyouka Ep 15: The gang returned to the club where they told Houtarou of the Junmonji thief who has been stealing a certain item from different clubs. Houtarou deduced the thief is stealing things according to the Hiragana alphabet and his name could be prounced as "Ten Letters"

Satoshi tried to figure out on his own while Eru tried to promote their club with the newspaper club. She found out the newspaper club is also missing a cutter too and inform Satoshi. Both trade information and the magic club is next.

Satoshi went to the magic club to catch Junmonji however he was one step ahead and stole the club's candle. Mayaka has her own issues with her club over a missing doujinshi she lost it but her senior told her not to worry so much.

You might think Houtarou is watching some porn sites...

The newspaper club claim the next target that Junmonji strike could be the Crafts club or Classics club which got Eru excited. Everybody went back home thinking what could happened tomorrow as Houtarou noticed the school website has an online shopping link...

Finally some deductions as everyone has a different opinions of Junmonji and Houtarou is suspecting there is more than following the Hiragana alphabet and stealing from the different clubs. Satoshi was eager to catch Junmonji knowing that Houtarou is the smarter one and I think he is trying to prove to everyone he is better which I think he is doing it too hard. Anyway, the chase is on as Junmonji is targeting their club next!

Oda Nobuna no Yabou Ep 4: As Yoshimoto's forces advance to Nobuna's lands, Nobuna fired Sagara as she blamed him for getting them into the mess. He later met Dosen who claimed Nobuna is protecting him as if they go to war, Sagara could die.

Sagara decided to find Yoshimoto's camp and together with Inuchiyo and Goemon and a little help from Nobusumi's girls, found the camp. He tried to report to Nobuna however Hattori Hanzo intercepted them.

Sagara managed to convince Hattori that if Nobuna defeated Yoshimoto, Hattori's master Motoyasu will be free from her control. He released Sagara and he arrived to tell Nobuna the camp.

Katsuie's G-Spot is her Breasts!

Nobuna's forces attacked the camp and Katsuie was about to deal the final blow to Yoshimoto but was stopped by Sagara. He told Yoshimoto she is a pretty girl which she blushed and agreed to surrender.

This is for groping my breasts!

Because of this battle, Nobuna became famous and overthrown the strongest clan of the east....

Nobuna is a tsundere! She might talk tough and fired Sagara but she cared for him and Sagara decided to repay the favor by finding Yoshimoto's camp. I think Goemon's men are lolicons as they worship her like some cute goddess.

Sagara may not be strong and he used his wits to talk Hattori out which it could be a bad thing as Motoyasu is the future Tokogawa Ieyasu and potential threat. But for now, Nobuna's ambition truly begin...

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