Sunday, August 5, 2012

Dog Days S2 Ep 5: Rabbit Slashers!

Nanami, Jaune and Vert overheard that the nearby town of Ayase is being attacked by a group of bandits who steal valuables and clothing.

Leon and Gaul were informed of the matter but they couldn't go as Millhiore and Shinku were visiting them. Violet volunteered to lead the investigation with Nanami and the others.

When they arrived at Ayase, Violent went to meet the mayor while the rest searched for leads. They returned to an inn to compare leads. Nanami noticed a strange man in the inn but decided to ignore him.

I think Nanami has Yuri Tendencies and Violet doesn't mind...

They informed Violet and Nanami volunteered to be bait for the bandits. She disguised as one of the natives and she was followed by the strange man. Meanwhile, a little girl attacked the night patrol guards.

Nanami and the others sprung on the stranger however he escaped and later took down the little girl who happened to be one of the bandits (A rabbit monster)

Don't turn around!

The girls spilt up however Jaune and Vert were attacked and lose their clothes. Nanami was chased by one of the rabbits when the stranger defeated the rabbit. He explained there are more of them and their leader is in the town too.

Naked Rabbit Girl and Cat Girl, Yummy!

After Nanami found the other two girls, they met up with the stranger and defeated several more rabbits.The leader of the bandits arrived and Violet tried to go after him.

Twin Tails Leon! Awesome!

Suddenly Leon and Millhiore were at the main gate and together they defeated the leader. Shinku and Gaul cleaned the mess while Rico, Noir and Yukikaze arrived too.

Don't call me Hina!

Yukikaze recognize the stranger as Ikusa who is Brioche's elder brother. Brioche also arrived and Isuka called out her real name-Hina which she was embarrassed.

The gang returned to the inn and Isuka introduced himself as a wandering sword man and blacksmith who created many of the anti-demons weapons. As they celebrated over the victory of the bandits' defeat, Couver and Becky were planning a new idea for the upcoming battles...

Another fun episode with Nanami and gang battling craze rabbits who steal and strip. It was hilarious and Isuka was also cool to watch as he battle the rabbits with ease. Through I wonder why Brioche will be embarrassed over her real name-Hina? Maybe Hina sound feminine and it kinda of ruin her image. Ikusa appearing could mean two things-One, he will play an important role in the upcoming episodes or a completely pointless character. Let's hope it is the former.

Leon and Millhiore stole the show with them making a flashy entrance and defeated the leader with the combined powers and Leon is so cute with twin tails! Look like Shinku has little screen time for this episode which even he commented about it in the episode preview and what is Couver and Becky's surprise plan for the upcoming battles....

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