Monday, July 23, 2012

Smile Precure Ep 24: Collect More Decors!

The girls returned to Marchenland with Pop and Candy and found out that Royale Queen has not revived yet despite all the decors were gathered.

I want to hold them!

They began to walk around the castle however the royal guards were afraid due to their size. Pop used a magic trick which turn everyone into fairies and decided to have a tour of Marchenland.

While Pop is researching in the library, the girls were enjoying the sights of the village. When they arrived a large house made of candies, they went to eat it however a sneeze by Miyuki caused everyone to revert their human forms.

The fairies were afraid at first but the girls offered them candies and they got along after that. Meanwhile, Joker found the core of Pierrot and revived the three generals. He suggested to collect more Bad End energy for Pierrot to reawaken again and gave a larger Aka ball for them to defeat the Precures.

The girls listened from the fairies that the Miracle Jewels can grant a user any wish however it's whereabouts is unknown. Candy also mentioned that Joker was also asking about it when she was captured.

17 turns to go!

Suddenly Wolfrun appeared and suck the Bad End energy out of the fairies. He then used the new Aka ball to turn the candy house into Super Akanbe. (I am calling it Akanbe from now on as it is still the same character)

The girls transformed but the Akanbe was too strong for them and even absorbed Happy Shower and Sunny Fire. The Akanbe started going on a rampage and knocked everyone down including Wolfrun.

Fourteen more to go!

The Precures heard the faries' despair and stood up again. The Princess Candles reappeared again and they transformed to Princess Form. They defeated Akanbe and it reverted into two decors.

After Wolfrun retreated, the girls heard Royale Queen's voice and headed back to the castle. Royale Queen was speaking through telepathy and explained that the original decors which was suppose to revive her was instead given the girls to become Princess Form as a last resort.

She also informed that Pierrot is still alive and they have to gather new decors to revive her again. Everyone was down however Miyuki encouraged everyone to work harder and revive Royale Queen.

They then said goodbye to the fairies as the girls and Candy returned to the human world...

So it is 17 turns on the clock to 14 decors to find this time round. I was expecting a new set of generals to battle the girls but instead we are struck with the four original generals. I thought the girls defeated them with their might which I am guess is not enough. Now we get two decors every battle, the race to collect all the decors is even faster. (You do the maths)

Royale Queen's revival is now on hold (again!) which I am guessing around near to the end of the series before we can see another over the top climax and one more new power up. Why you may ask?

Because if the girls keep using Princess Candle in every episode, it will get pretty predictable. Super Akanbe is a lame name and although it is stronger than the normal Akanbe, I don't want the girls to rely on Princess Candle every time.

Let the girls go for training and get new attacks which I am happy to see that kind of episodes like how HeartCatch team went to the Precure Castle and fought their shadows.

Anyway, the race is on and in the next episode which will be aired on 5th August had Akane and Nao having trouble getting along on a summer beach. Until then, see you in two weeks!

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  1. from wht i understend since there is 18 numbers on the clock and the first one was in this episode pierrot will revived in it perfect form in episode 42 and if they will fight super akanbe every episode they will collect all of the decors in 8 episodes