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Quick Picks: Accel World Ep 15, Hyouka Ep 14, Nakimo Ep 3, Hagure Yuusha no Estetica Ep 3, Oda Nobuna no Yabou Ep 3

Accel World Ep 15: Haru beat up Nomi and was about to deal the final blow when Nomi used his skill-Demonic Command which stole Haru's flight ability. Nomi blackmail him to giving him points every day before he will return back his skill.

Haru and Chiyu felt down and Taku confronted him. However he refused to talk about and even want to give up being a Burst Linker. Taku punched him and left Haru in despair. He tried to fight with Ash in Accel World however Ash refused to fight him because of his weakness.

Instead, Ash brought Haru to meet his guardian named Sky Laker who is supposed to be the closest to flight before Haru's appearance...

Like any shounen show, the idea of your enemy becoming your ally was fun to watch and now Sky Laker who seems to be a nice person will teach Haru how to regain his flight and fight Nomi in his own game...Although I wonder what Hime will said if she found out that Haru lost his skill...

Hyouka Ep 14: Eru managed to ask Irisu to sell their books and gave some tips on selling. Houtarou got a bag of flour from a pair of Halloween cos players after selling them their book. Meanwhile, Satoshi, Eru and Mayaka entered a cooking contest however Mayaka was engaged in the manga club.

Satoshi and Eru began cooking the food but Eru used up all the ingredients which left Mayaka with little to cook. But Houtarou passed them the flour and managed to cook a dish before time ran out.

After the contest, they complained to the organiser that their ladle was missing earlier. Eru then discovered the mysterious thief-Jumonji left a calling card for stealing the ladle...

This arc is now called the Jumonji Incident. So who is he and what is his motives in stealing all these unrelated items? Look like it is up to Houtarou who is hanging the club room for too long to solve the case!

Nakimo Ep 3: Ikusa tried to seduce Shougo when Konoe and Miyabi interrupted them. The two of them tried all ways to make Shougo like girls and ever pose as sisters for him to fool around.

One day, Miyabi took Shougo to buy a new swimsuit and after they caught in the rain, she invited Shougo to take a shower at her place and he discovered a shampoo bottle which looked a toku character from his childhood days. He then asked Miyabi if she is her sister which she said yes...

Is Miyabi really his sister but it sounds a little too easy for Shougo finding his sister. Now I realise that this show reminds me of Love Hina and instead of finding his first love, it is finding a sister. I actually read the manga version of the upcoming episodes and you will be surprised the twist and turns of Shougo's mystery sister.

Hagure Yuusha no Estetica Ep 3: Kuzuha was pressured by the student council to send reports of Akatsuki's antics. He learned about Kuzuha of being the youngest student and is treated like a child prodigy.

However Kuzuha disliked being treated as a child but Akatsuki reassured to be herself and she agreed. Later, the girls were training against a Cockatrice however it has been reprogrammed to be too powerful and petrified the students.

Kuzuha and Izumi got petrified and Myuu was nearly killed when Akatsuki saved her and revealed his new summoned weapon-a big dark dragon slayer...

Akatsuki sure know his ways on women. Myuu and Izumi thought he was going to take advantage of her but yet gave her a chance to regain her confidence. The mysterious hacker sabotaged the Cockatrice is probably someone forcing Myuu and Akatsuki to reveal their full potential. But with a bad ass weapon Akatsuki is welding, it is time to show how a true hero eared his name.

Oda Nobuna no Yabou Ep 3: Nobuna received news of Dosen Saito being attacked by his son's sudden coup. She want to help however it will leave their land defenceless. Azai Nagamasa offered to ally Nobuna on the condition that she married him.

Nobuna was in a dilemma which worried the others. Finally Sagara and the others stood for her and she too rejected Azai's proposal. Later, Mitsuhide informed to her that Dosen is making his last stand and send her daughter to Nobuna.

Sagara and Goemon went to rescue Dosen against Nobuna's order and were almost captured by enemy forces. Nobuna managed to save them but now Imagawa Yoshimoto's forces is advancing their castle...

You know of all the alternative universe version of Three Kingdoms and Sengoku Era story lines, this one actually had a good story plot and the characters are lovable despite majority of them are all females.

The seiyuu cast is also good unlike previous adaptions where you hardly knew the cast. Anyway, the plot is getting better with Imagawa's forces advancing at their doorstep. Can Sagara used his game knowledge to turn the tide as I have to yet to see him do some serious damage...

So you have guess that these are the shows that I will most probably be doing for Quick Picks. There are other shows to do but I felt these are the few which keep me asking for more. Some of you might ask what I think of other shows based on the first few episodes.

1) Tari Tari: Good show with humor but it get depressing at some moments. I will watch it but writing a review might upset me.

2) Muv-Luv Alternative: TE: I read the manga and I was disappointed it did not focus the war against the BETA but Yuuya's ego against Yui's tough superior attitude. If I want to watch robots fighting aliens, I watch Gunbuster or Macross any day!

3) Capione: I was thinking of doing this show too however I find Godou boring (Yeah, I know he is the God Killer) and he is just mopping about it. Erica is fine but she come off as too perfect which I am not buying it.

4) Dakara Boku wa, H ga Dekinai: It is the opposite of Capione. Ryosuke is funny but Lisara is boring and the running gag is Ryosuke gave Lisara his mojo to charge her power. (Been done before in other shows)

So hope you enjoy this week of Quick Picks and feel free to comment on the shows that I am reviewing!

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