Monday, July 16, 2012

Quick Picks: Accel World Ep 13-14, Hyouka Ep 12-13

Sorry to wait so long, there was the Precure New stage movie, the new shows that I only managed to watch about half of it and my own work and personal life. So let's get started! I am going to do a quick run down on Accel World and Hyouka as I have to get back on doing other things. (Which is why this is called Quick Picks)

Accel World Ep 13-14: To keep a long story short, Chiyu become a Burst Linker and her class is Healer which make her a valuable assest to their team. Meanwhile, a new student named Nomi has been bugging Haru and he suspected that Nomi is also a Burst Linker. He defeated Taku in a kendo match with ease and later frame Haru by making him entering the females' changing room by mistake.

However with Hime went for a school trip and will only be back a week later, how will Haru handle? Now Nomi reveal his true intentions and tried to take advantage of Chiyu and challenge Haru to a match. (Yes, I am aware there have a new openings showing all the new characters.)

Hyouka Ep 12-13: It was the beginning of the Kanya Festival but the Cultral club has a problem of selling their anthology books due to Mayaka ordering more than required. Everyone tried to promote the books while Houtarou stay in the club to tend the stall.

Everyone got carried away especially Eru who got distracted in every stall and club she went. However she met a friend, Junmoji Kaho and was informed that her wheel of fortune display is missing and someone left a card claiming to have took it. One of Satoshi's Go game rival claimed their playing stones were missing too and the culprit left a calling card also.

Eru decided to not to tell Houtarou about the matter and later that night, Mayaka couldn't find her book that she want to let her senior read the next day. I smell a mystery since someone is stealing items and leaving calling cards. Look like Houtarou won't have time to stay in the stall in this Arc which I like to called it "Missing Pieces"

I know this post of Quick Picks is short but please be patient as I am still sorting out with all the new shows in First Impressions and deciding what to do for Quick Picks. If you have a summer anime title that you want me to review, feel free to write in the comments section and I will see what I can do.

P.S: Fans of the Idolmaster and Listen to Papa's words, the new extra episode is out. I will be doing a review of both shows real soon!

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