Sunday, July 15, 2012

Dog Days S2 Ep 2: Mahou Shoujou Lyrical Becky!

Shinku, Eclair and Yukikaze were heading to the battlefield as Nanami rode with Leon and taking out several troops.

Leon is the BOSS!

Hentai Ouyaji!

Shinku confronted Nanami while Eclair and Yukikaze tried to take down Leon. Meanwhile the Genoise trio returned to their camp in a bath towel and was laughed by Godwin. Gaul was also impressed by Shinku's new strength as he too take a breather.

Leon took down Eclair and Yukikaze with ease and even destroyed their armor. Shinku and Nanami fought hard which leave Becky speechless. Rico and Vert tried to help Shinku and Nanami but instead both of their armor were destroyed. Eventually the battle came to a halt and everyone took a lunch break.

Eclair-Five years old.

Couver and her right hand man, Caraway were heading toward their camp while at the same time, Becky demanded an explanation from both Shinku and Nanami. Couver arrived and demanded that Becky become their country's hero and also join in the battle.

Becky reluctantly follow Couver and the battle resumes with her country entering the battle. Caraway's flying cavalry tried to take down Rolan and Bernard but instead got defeated instead. Rico, and Eclair team up with the Genoise trio to take down the ground troops

Shinku and Nanami were confronted by Caraway and were having a hard time until Shinku activated his flying surfboard-Tornader and Nanami activated her new power which enable skating on water.

They finally defeated Caraway and proceeded further. As Leon and Brioche moved forwards also, Becky asked Couver why she is chosen. Couver claimed she has the same aspiration like her. She explained she is not as strong like Millhiore or Leon and Becky also felt the same way about Shinku and Nanami.

Couver then gave Becky their royal item-Mercurius and asked her to be their hero. Becky transformed in front of everyone which Couver announced her as their country's hero...

As predicted, Becky joined the battle too. Although she is not physically strong, Couver countered that weakness by making her a Mage instead which suit her well. Now with Becky entering, how will Shinku and Nanami react? Most probably they will be enjoying themselves and this battle is stretching longer than the first battle in the first season. Even though I like the battle, I hope the tension will ease soon and probably get to some good storytelling later.

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