Monday, July 9, 2012

Smile Precure Ep 22: The Search for Pegasus Part 2

The girls returned to the tree house after Joker abducted Candy and snatched the Decor decor. However Miyuki showed them the star decor that she left it on the Tanbata tree. They also took the wish tags that Candy had wrote for the girls.

Pop suggested that Candy has been taken to Bad End Kingdom and they quickly used the magic book to teleport to Marchenland.

Meanwhile Joker tried to extract information from Candy about the Miracle Jewels but she refused to tell anything. He check the Decor decor and found one decor short. Joker then decided to set a trap for the Precures who are on their way.

The girls arrived and found Marchenland to be quiet due to the natives living in fear from the Bad End Kingdom. Joker appeared in front of them and they quickly transformed.

They tried to take down Joker but couldn't even touch him. Cure Happy tried Happy Shower and her attack was reflected by Joker's magic cards. Pop shield them but was weaken after that. The other Cures combine their attacks on Joker but didn't hurt him. Instead the attacks got reflected on them and they were defeated.

Joker took the last decor and began to suck Bad End energy from the Cures. Using psychological tauting, it cause them to be despair and the Bad End energy were contained by Joker. He fled immediately after that.

The girls retreated to a shelter and questioned what should they do now. They were worried if they tried to confront Joker or Pierrot, they will failed and they might not return home. Pop decided to confront Pierrot alone however he hesitate as he is worried for Candy's safety.

The girls then decided to cool their mind and go their separate ways. Pop remind them to meet tonight under the full moon as it is only the time they will able to enter Bad End Kingdom.

Everyone pounded of what should they do and what is important to them. The girls then remember about the wish tags from Candy and realised they should go and save Candy despite the odds are against them.

They finally gathered together and swore to rescue Candy and defeat Pierrot. At the same time, Joker gave the last bit of Bad End energy to Pierrot and he slowly awakened..

This is a good episode which the girls pounded what is important to them. Miyuki was glad to meet Candy and it change her life completely and meeting Akane and the others. Akane was more motivated to work on her Okonomayki and her friends encouraged her more. Yayoi become more resilient and less of a cry baby. Nao become more open and care not just her family but her new found friends. Reika whose sense of Justice is the strongest is more determined to save Candy.

Like I said before in the first episode, Joker is the probably the most dangerous enemy before Pierrot and I was right. The girls couldn't even lay a finger on him and is most tricky among the generals. Now with Pierrot waking up soon, can the girls be able to stop him and what can they do in this time of needs?

In the next episode, the girls battle all four of the Bad End generals and at their most desperate hour, the Princess Form for the girls finally appeared. Can't wait for next week to see the exciting conclusion.

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