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First Impressions: Sword Art Online Ep 1,Kyokai Senjou no Horizon S2 Ep 1, Kokoro Connect Ep 1,Oda Nobuna no Yabou Ep 1, Tari Tari Ep 2, Muv-Luv Alternative: Total Eclipse Ep 2, Arcana Family Ep 2

Sword Art Online Ep 1: In the future, a virtual reality known as Sword Art Online was created and millions around the world bought the game. Kirito installed the game and played it through a special VR helmet.

After playing a while, he realised that there was no log-out function and he and all the players were transported to the town square where they were greeted by the game's creator-Akihiko Kayaba AKA the Game Master who announced they are trapped in this world. The only way out is to reach the top level (100 floor) and defeat the final boss. If the player died in the game, they will die in the real world. Any attempts to remove the VR helmet will kill the player instantly.

The Game Master gave every player a mirror as an item which forcibly reveal everyone's truth identify from the real world. Kirito realised he was reverted to his real face which is a young teen. Realising how seriously the matter is, Kirito decided to fight his way through to the top floor...

Mixing Tower of Druga, dot.Hack and the Matrix, you have an interesting story of real survival in a death match game. Although they have not revealed why Akihiko is doing all these but it is most certain that things is not going to be easy for Kirito and all the players. One, you have to survive like how those fantasy world characters does, second, revealing everyone's identify means you might meet familiar faces or even enemies from the real world. Lastly, if you are dead in the game, you will died in the real world which at the end of the episode, it reveal that 2000 players are already dead in the real world. Creepy stuff but I will watch on just to see how things goes.

Can someone tell me why Tori is doing the Full Monty this whole episode?

Kyokai Senjou no Horizon S2 Ep 1: In a nutshell, the Musashi crew battle the Americas and were cornered by the British. I have not watch the first season so I will reserve my judgement later. (Shortest Review ever!)

Kokoro Connect Ep 1: Taichi, Iori, Himeko, Aoki and Yui are members of the school cultural club which they don't really anything club-related. One day, Aoki and Yui claimed that they traded souls with each other last night which no one believed until Taichi and Iori traded souls too.

Both of them got into an embarrassing situation with another schoolmate, Maiko (Which I am sure she is into Yuri) and after a while, they returned to their original bodies. They decided to return home, forgetting what has happened.

It reminds me of movies like Freaky Friday, Big where people trade identifies and in this case, it was pretty hilarious! When Taichi find himself in Iori's body, he was about to grope her body like how a normal guy will love to do that! Anyway, no one know what is going on so hopefully we have an explanation on what is going on...

Oda Nobuna no Yabou Ep 1: Sagara Yoshiharu suddenly find himself in the Sengoku Era and was saved by a soldier who happened to be Hideyoshi Toyotomi. However Hideyoshi died of injuries and Sagara was forced to take over his place. Suddenly a female warrior appeared and it happened to be Oda Nobuna (A female version of Nobunaga)

Sagara saved her life (with an almost battery flat IPhone) and she took him in and given the name-Saru. However thanks to Sagara's knowledge of the Nobunaga's Ambitions video game, he was able to help Nobuna which she find it interesting...

For the last few Sengoku series, we hardly have a male lead. Sengoku Collection was bad as it felt like an anthology series while Sengoku Otome was an all female cast. Sagara isn't a strong person but yet his knowledge of the Sengoku Era could be both a curse and a blessing. One, he knew everything and that could mean he might prevent some incidents from happening and change the course of history.

But for the time being, it seems like all the historical Sengoku characters are female (again!) and Sagara is not going to let them seeing that some of them are pretty hot which is kinda of funny seeing that the historical versions of these characters are burly, tough men. I like the first episode so far so let's hope the next episode can do well seeing that it has eight light novels under it's belt.

Tari Tari Ep 2: Konatsu and Sawa begged Sakai to join her new choir club and she accepted it but only on paper. Later she was asked by Konatsu to play a music piece on a piano which the tune remind Sakai of her late mother humming it.

Finally Konatsu got enough members from her brother's classmates and they began practing with the Principal as their advisor. However on the day of their performance, the principal is hospitalised and it was total chaos. But Konatsu, Sawa and Sakai went on stage and performed well in front of the audiences...

It was pretty fun to see everyone trying to get things done. Konatsu finding the principal, Sawa looking for her teacher who is visiting the gynaecologist and the rest of the members trapped in a traffic jam. However at the last moment, Konatsu who has stage fright managed to overcome her fear and sing wonderfully. Now the vice prinicpal has to cover the club as their advisor and seeing she objected their choice of song meaning it has something to with Sakai's late mother.

Now Tanaka and Wien are also getting into the picture however Miyamoto offered the girls a challenge in the next episode. Can't wait to see what happen next.

Muv-Luv Alternative: Total Eclipse Ep 2: Also in a nutshell, Yui is the only survivor after the BETA overrun Kyoto and killed her comrades. Three years later, Yui grew up and she is assigned to a new base-Total Eclipse. The real story finally begins...

Arcana Family Ep 2: Felicita moved in with the rest of the Arcana Family and was welcomed by everyone expect Nova gave her the cold shoulder.

Later Felicita and Liberta helped Nova to find a missing cat and later the owner who thank her by giving Felicita a new dress. Although the matter is solved, Nova warned Felicta to control her powers or else she is going hurt someone by accident...

I had serious doubts with this show. I know they want to do character developments but I got a feeling it is aiming another crowds of viewers-The BL crowds which is not my taste. The idea was good to have a group of characters to have special powers but everyone looks so metro sexual that I am not planning to watch this show for the time being until something better happen in the show...

P.S: Quick Picks of Accel World and Hyouka will be out later this week.

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