Sunday, July 29, 2012

Dog Days S2 Ep 4: Skinship!

Leon and Nanami returned to their castle and bid farewell to Shinku and the others. Couver and Becky also took their leave but promised Millhiore they will meet again on the battlefield.

Shinku, Eclair, Noir travelled to Brioche's home as they are going for a camping trip with Yukikaze in the woods. As Nanami and Becky were welcome by their respective countries, Shinku and Yukikaze began their combat training and could not come to an conclusion.

Yukikaze is only wearing a cloth as her undies.

Your breast is bigger than mine!

Eclair and Noir are fighting fiercely and Noir won by an inch. They decided to go for a swim after that and started changing to their swimsuits. Noir was jealous of Yukikaze's breasts and she tease Eclair's breasts which she punched her out of the rooftop.


Shinku caught a naked Noir but she react indifferent. He later asked her why is she following them for this training camp. She explained she want to learn more on monsters combat and spell sealing skills as her kingdom does not have an mystic unit.

Look at my Stand!


Eclair showed off her new skill-Bright Ice Blade and Noir showed her skill-Seven tails. Both started fighting again and both were knocked out because of the blast.

Nanami tried to pat Gaul which he refused claiming he dislike being pat by strangers however Leon enjoyed her pating in private. Couver introduced Becky to their Crystal magic department and was welcomed by the staff.

Shinku and the girls went to bed that night however Yukikaze tightly hug Shinku and he was awakened. He saw Eclair outside and they had a chat. Eclair want to pat Shinku on her lap which he embarrassingly complied.

It's not my fault!

I learned your skill within minutes!

The next morning, Yukikaze and Noir found the pair sleeping and Eclair overreacted and punched Shinku claiming nothing happened. They returned to Broiche's home and Shinku was able to create a similar skill like Eclair. Broiche also told Noir that she will be passing skills to her hoping it will aid them in the future...

This episode was a lot of fun, focusing on Eclair and Noir who couldn't get along and competing each other. Both of their seiyuu did a similar performance in My Sister can't be that Cute as Kirino and Kuroneko which I am seeing some similarities.

Eclair is a tsundere and Noir is just being playful. Even Shinku couldn't handle both of them who seems like they are desperate to get on with him.

The new skills that the three of them learned could come in handy in the future and seeing that Noir want to learn from Broiche might meant we could have another crisis real soon. In the next episode, it seems the focus on Nanami and Leon for some kitty moments...

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