Saturday, July 28, 2012

Quick Picks: Accel World Ep 16, Nakimo Ep 4, Hagure Yuusha no Estetica Ep 4

Accel World Ep 15:  Ash left Haru with Sky Laker and she explained she was able to leap very high in the air however she has given up the idea of using her legs and had her legs amputate. She also explained that her only best friend was the one who amputate her legs who happened to be Hime.

I didn't know they can eat in the Accel World.

I know she wore a dress to hide her limbs but she shouldn't get embarrassed with only a blanket...

After spending a night at her place, Haru began his training-by climbing up from the bottom of the mountain. After getting a hint from Sky Laker, he was able to make his body move faster and after several days, reach to the top.

Hime and her should have a cat fight over Haru!

Sky Laker suggested to meet in the real world which they did. She transferred one of her item-Gale Thruster to him as a parting gift. Haru also noticed her legs were artificial limbs however she does not felt ashamed. Haru told her that she should meet up with Hime again and left...

Sky Laker is a nice girl and I got a feeling we are going to see her again. Her back story was sad claiming her ambition get the better of her and asking Hime to amputee her legs was too much. But she was able to overcome her parameters and able to control her wheelchairs by will. So all Haru has to do now is to overcome his parameters which he is able to control a grasp of it and in the next episode, it's pay back time for Haru as he take on Nomi again.

Nakimo Ep 4: Shougo thought Miyabi was her sister and decided to tell Konoe about it. However she was upset about it and did not attend classes. Shougo then received a call from the mysterious sister and she bade farewell to him. Ikusa call him and explained the mysterious caller is using a special cell phone that has a voice changer function and the phone was created by Konoe's family company.

Shougo and the other girls started looking for Konoe. He finally found her after remembering a melody from the background when she called. She confessed she was the girl in the photo and Shougo saved her from an accident. But he suffered memory loss and both of their families lost touch.

Miyabi arrived and she claimed that Shougo promised to marry her as a kid. They met in the hospital however they lost touch after Shougo was discharged. He then asked who is the one at her father's funeral but both of them did not went to the funeral.

Which one you want? The Busty or the Loli?

The two girls decided to compete for Shougo the next day however he is still pounding who is that girl in her father's funeral...

So two girls are out and three more girls to go as Shougo continue to find out who is his sister. At least, he don't have to worry on getting on by Konoe and Miyabi...

Hagure Yuusha no Estetica Ep 4: Akatsuki defeated the Cockatrice with his new weapon which restored everyone to normal. He went to find the culprit who happened to be Tanaka and he was planning to shift the blame to Onizuka who is in it too.

Tanaka tried to beat Akatsuki and he almost got Akatsuki when Hikami freeze Tanaka. Later, Akatsuki took Myuu who was exhausted in the battle. He asked she should be honest of her feelings as he was responsible of killing her father. Myuu finally cried after he activated her pulse to cry.

Accelerator!? What are you doing here?

I still have my Imagine Breaker!

The next day, Akatsuki felt uneasy when he saw a familiar person, Kaido who was one of the Cocoon-a group of people who are the best warriors and "peacekeepers" of the world. As the girls discussed on going shopping during the weekend, Kaido approached Akatsuki and he greet him with a fist palm...

After one battle with a giant bird, Akatsuki faced another rival-Kaido and he is voiced by Abe Atsushi who did Touma in A Certain Magical Index and Okamoto Nobuhiko did Accelerator who is an anti hero. Now the roles are reversed and what is Kaido's abilities? Hikami silencing Tanaka could also mean he is also involved in the sabotage. Anyway, the girls are going shopping for Lingeries and Akatsuki tag along-fan service confirmed!

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