Friday, July 13, 2012

Precure All Stars New Stage Movie Review (Spoliers and Screenshots Included!)

Finally the New Stage movie has arrived on DVD! Let's see how the Smile Precure team interact with their senior Precures and the introduction of a movie based Precure-Cure Echo.

It's Godzilla...Wait, this is Toei not Toho! (Toho is the company who does the Godzilla Movies)

Our story begins in Yokohama where a giant monster named Fusion is destroying the city. But the Precures (Max Heart to Suite Precure) defeated Fusion and his body was scattered all over the city.

All these title cards make cool Avatar! (But where is the Smile Precure Team?)

The next day, a girl named Sakagami Ayumi admired the Precures however she has problems making friends at school and felt lonely. Meanwhile, the mascots were celebrating Fusion's defeat when they saw a spawn of Fusion eating their food. They tried to chase it (or rather it chase them) until Chiffon trap the spawn in a bottle.

Miyuki! You are embarrassing yourself!

After school, Ayumi found a small creature (Fusion's spawn) and it became attached to her. She named it Fu-Chan after it keep calling out Fu. The Smile Precure team were at Yokohama finding Fusion after being alerted by Candy. They began to spilt up to look for it.


Look! It's the other Miyuki from Fresh Precure!

Detective Hibiki is on the Case!

Ayumi realised that Fu-Chan could mimic any objects and Miyuki accidentally bumped into her. She tried to apologize to Ayumi however she mistaken her as a stranger. The Suite Precure team were nearby and Ayumi knocked on to Hibiki.

Now both Hibiki and Miyuki ran after her until Hibiki ran ahead and blocked their path. Miyuki couldn't stop herself and knocked into Hibiki. They immediately apologize to Ayumi for bumping to her and Ayumi quickly left. The two girls then realised they were lost.

The Desert Apostles Trio meet again.

They went to a park to rest and Candy and Hummy greeted each other. Before they realise what is going on, several spawns of Fusion appeared and they gave chase. Kanade, Ellen and Ako also joined in and they quickly transformed in an alley.

Your Henshin is more cooler than mine!

Miyuki was suprised by them and she too transform to Cure Happy. They chased the spawns to a harbour front and started battling it. Miyuki defeated one with Happy Shower while the Suite Precure Team used their special attacks on the rest of the spawns.


Akane and the others arrived and before Cure Happy could introduce them to Hibiki and the others, they left in a flash. Ayumi took Fu-Chan to her room and told her to eat so that it can become bigger.

The game BGM is from Suite Precure ED2

At the same time, Tart was preparing some Miracle lights for the upcoming battle and the next day, Fu-Chan actually grew bigger (After devouring the neighbour's dog last night) Ayumi took Fu-Chan around and they even play videos game together.

Her mother came in and Fu-Chan change into an armband. Ayumi's mother told her not to play video games which she got upset and left the house. Miyuki met her again however Fu-Chan mistaken her as an enemy and attack her.

From Cool...

to Clumsy!

The Smile Precure team realised what is going on and transformed. They used their special attacks but each time, Fu-Chan grew stronger and faster after absorbing their attacks. The Suite Precure team also arrived however Ayumi intervened and Fu-Chan reverted to it's original form. She quickly grab it and ran away.

Ayumi returned home and her mother scolded her again. This time, Fu-Chan devoured her mother which shocked Ayumi. Fu-Chan mistaken that Ayumi hated everything in the city and began to summon all the spawns to attack the city.

Ayumi tried to find Fu-Chan and met with the Smile and Suite Precure team. Ayumi blamed herself for causing all these. However Cure Happy told her they will bring Ayumi to convince Fu-Chan to stop it.

Somebody help me!!!

Thank you, Melody Sama!

The girls started running towards the tower where Fu-Chan and battle several spawns. Along the way, a spawn tried to attack Ayumi when Potpourri protect her. The Heartcatch Precure and the Fresh Precure team have also arrived and began battling with them too.

Erica is the BOSS!

Marina and Peach are cute!

The spawns then tried to throw a large ship liner into the city and both Smile and Suite Precure team hold it off. Tart gave everyone a Miracle Light and shine in the city. Max Heart, Splash Star and Five Gogo Precure Team also arrived and aid them too.

As they keep running, a spawn tried to grab Cure Happy and Ayumi pushed her away and got trapped instead. Ayumi struggled inside but her will is strong and she was granted Precure powers and transformed into Cure Echo.

Everyone was surprised by Cure Echo and they move forward. A big gust of dark wind confused them and only Cure Echo was heading straight. But she got lost however the mascots shine the Miracle light and it led a path for Cure Echo to find Fu-Chan.

A White Decor...I wonder?

She arrived at the top and managed to convince Fu-Chan to stop. The attacks stopped immediately and Cure Echo transformed back. However Fusion was reborn and tried to devour Ayumi. Cure Happy shielded her and the rest also followed.

They were losing until Fu-Chan sacrifice itself and gave the Smile Precure team an energy boost. The girls overturned the battle and Fusion was finally destroyed this time. Ayumi heard Fu-Chan not to grieve and it will always be by her side.

Everything was restored including Ayumi's mother and the neighbour's dog. She decided to be more confident and started to make friends at school. The Precures were enjoying a moment together as they walked in the streets of Yokohama....

So that's the end of the New Stage movie! What I think about it? Before that, let's talk about the first three DX movies. First DX movie, I like it because the interaction was really fun to watch and with a bigger budget, it was a crossover success. The second DX movie is actually a repeat of the first movie however I find them getting their asses kicked by the villains for the first half of the film. Third DX movie, I like it better than the second one because of the climax which was very touching as it dealt the relationship between the Precures and the mascots.

This movie is both a hit and a miss. Let's talk about the good parts first. I am glad they are using an original villain (Actually it is a reborn of the first DX movie villian) and not using the restock villains from the series and movies.

The action and comedy was fun and they managed to keep some of the tension from going overboard. Like the scene when Cure Peace was being thrown around like a doll and the rest were talking casually, it was hilarious. Seeing the interaction from Fresh Precure to Smile Precure was fun. Both Erica and Love are two peas of a kind. They reacted together which I find it cute which leads me to the bad points.

I think it is no brainier to see that they didn't get everyone from Max Heart to Five Gogo to do their voices. Even the mascots from these series did not appeared except in the opening credits. I was expecting to see the Smile Precure and Five Gogo team to interact or even work together. Cure Sunny and Cure Rouge could do a Volleyball and Soccer Fire attack, Cure Lemonade could bind an enemy while Cure Peace blast it with a lighting bolt and Cure Aqua and Cure Beauty could do Water and Ice attack together.

Ayumi to me has self esteem issues and all it took was a cute creature of mass destruction to make her realise she should take the first step and I think she has a temper. The way she yell back at her mother was kinda of rude and it took me a moment to think how can she become a Precure. Cure Echo was totally useless. Toei is trying to do something similar to how the new Kamen Rider movies by introducing a movie-based Rider or in this case or a movie-based Precure which I am fine with that.

Toei even hinted that Cure Echo is supposed to be the strongest but she didn't even pull a punch and all she did was convince Fu-Chan and it agreed with her. (Our Precure, Ladies and Gentlemen) Fusion was probably the weakest movie villain I ever seen. I was hoping that Fusion transformed to a more bigger and meaner version however it was just one big lump of goo. The Smile Precure team defeated it with the sacrifice of Fu-Chan and no one else came to aid them. (Worst Villain Ever!)

See you in the Next Stage!

Despite the flaws, it is a decent movie probably on par with the Suite Precure Movie that I reviewed. It doesn't have the fun interactions like the first DX movie or the heart-wrenching climax of DX3 movie. I gave it three out of five stars because I get to see Fresh and Heart Catch team again. If you wanna to watch a good cross over, watch the first DX or the third one. This one, watch it once but I won't watch it again unless I have nothing else to watch.


  1. Wow!! well, can you tell me were you watch it? i don't care if it doesn't have subtitles, but please!!!

  2. I agree with you 100%. This movie was very hit and miss. I love small parts of the movie yet the total rest of the movie tank. Is Toei sending us a message or something or they just rushing to make Super Hero Taisen(worst than New Stage). Also funny that this movie pace and overall rhythm is similar to Smile somehow I feel Smile ending going to be the same as New Stage.

    1. I agree with you as well.This movie was actually less than my expectation :(