Sunday, July 8, 2012

Dog Days S2 Ep 1: Here we go again!

Millhiore narrated what happened in the first season and the day has finally arrived for Shinku to return to Biscotti.

Becky followed Shinku as he promised to tell her what happened three months ago. He got a call from Nanami who is in London and she was instructed to wait for a signal from the other world.

Shinku met Millhiore's dog Tatsuki on the roof of their school while Nanami met a mysterious cat with a letter addressed to her. They were both summoned at the same time and enter the portal.

Shinku and Becky arrived at Biscotti where Millhiore is waiting for them. She welcome back Shinku but Becky fainted during the summoning. Nanami landed in Galette where Leon welcome her.

Shinku met his friends, Yuki, Rico and Eclair at the bottom of the stairs. They greeted each other and Becky woke up. He explained a bit about Biscotti to her and Millhiore welcomed her too.

They immediately rushed to the castle where another battle is held between Biscotti and Galette. Gaul and his trio-The Genoise entered the battle and was pounding the Biscotti soldiers. Millhiore and Becky were at the castle watching the whole event while Nanami was amazed by the battle. Leon asked her if she is interested in joining which she agreed instantly.

This week's Fan Service!

Shinku arrived and disarmed the Genoise. Nico and Yuki then fired a round that destroyed their clothes in an instant. Suddenly Leon announced their own hero-Nanami into battle and both her and Shinku greeted Becky on television.

Look! It's Squirrel Girl!

At the same time, Couver of the Pastillage Kingdom was watching the battle and find Becky interesting. She then decided to make her their country's hero...

It has been a year since the first season ended. Watching it today make me feel like meeting old friends again. Millhiore is sweet, Leon is badass, Rico is cute, Eclair is just Tsundere. Like the first episode of Season 1, they jumped straight into battle and they declare it to be a "Welcome Hero Day" just to celebrate the occasion.

Of course with Nanami in Leon's corner, things is not going to be easy for Shinku. Furthermore, our new character, Couver want to make Becky their hero too. It won't be long for Becky to get into the fight as the opening clearly showed her entering the battle as a mage with a flying broomstick. The animation as usual is really colorful unlike some of the newer shows that came out.

So with a new season to start for Shinku and company, I can't wait for the next episode and hopefully we get some good plot to make this season worth the wait!

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