Thursday, July 5, 2012

First Impressions: Tari Tari Ep 1, Muv Luv Alternative-Total Eclipse Ep 1, Arcana Family Ep 1

Sorry to wait so long, I was busy the last two days and only today, I watch three new shows and here is what I think so far.

From Left to Right: Sawa, Konatsu and Sakai

Tari Tari Ep 1: Sakai used to love singing until her mother passed away and she gave up it. Her classmate, Konatsu quit the school choir and decided to set up a new singing club with her friend, Sawa. Meanwhile, Wien, a new foreign student from Austria joined their class and Tanaka become his guide although Wien had some wrong ideas about Japan cultural. One day, these five people meet together in a park, attracted by Konatsu's singing...

For a slice of life show, it is all right, Sakai probably have some issues due to her mother passed away. But I got a feeling that Konatsu and Sawa will drag her into singing again and Tanaka, being the only badminton player in school could spare some time with them. Wien could be interested in the club and hopefully the others could teach some correct Japanese cultural to him. I will probably watch another episode just to see how it goes.

Muv Luv Alternative: Total Eclipse Ep 1: In 1967, an alien race known as BETA attacked humans on the moon and thus began humanity's war against them for thirty years. During this war, the BETA invaded earth and the world's armies create Tactial Surface Fighters or TSF for short to battle it. But they are no match against the BETA.

Isn't yellow a bad color for your mech?

It is now 1997, Takamaru Yui began her training to become a TSF pilot and make friends with Yamashiro who is from a rival family. As the months goes by, the BETA have started attacking Korea and is making way to Kyuushu, Japan.

As civilians were evacuating, Yui and her teammates were transferred to a supply base as back-up units. However the BETA had broke the defence line and is heading towards them...

If you wondering where are all the men in the shows, apparently many male soldiers were killed during the past thirty years which females are now allowed to go to war. The first two episodes is a prologue to the main story as it will fast forward to several years later in which Yui will join a base called Total Eclipse to continue the war.

The TSF mechs looked similar to FMP mechs however they are no match to the BETA. Maybe in future episodes, they will have special TSF mechs that are strong enough to take down the BETA. The BETA designs looked like the kind from Eureka Seven though I couldn't make out what they really look like under that darkness. Overall, the show looked interesting so I will watch the second episode to understand more of this alternative world. (Get ready for high body count in the next episode)

Arcana Family Ep 1: The Arcana Family is an organisation who protect their homeland using the powers of the Arcana. When their head named Papa announce his retirement, he want to held a tournament for all the Arcana users and the winner will take over his place and his only daughter, Felicita's hand in marriage.

If you want to kick your father, kick him in the nuts!

Felicita objected the marriage but her Papa's orders is absolute. Everyone was interested expect Liberta and Nova who decided to help her. They will win the tournament and abolished Felicita's marriage if they become the new head.

For a moment, I thought I just entered a sausage feast. Thank god, there were some females in this show. So instead of one male and several females, we have one female and a group of bishouens and tough guys. The idea is cool with every characters having an Arcana powers based on the Tarot cards. Being the only law and order around the Island, they could do whatever they want. (Kinda of reminds me of some military groups I know)

Anyway, if you are a fan of male seiyuus, it is a paradise for female fans to drool over them talking. For me, I just find Noto Mamiko as Felicita is not really the ideal choice but I have to get over it. I will consider taking another episode to review but if there are signs of sausage feast, I am out of here!

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