Monday, June 4, 2012

Smile Precure Ep 18: Unity is Strength!

The girls were having a race during their physical lesson and Nao breeze through easily. The other classmates were suggesting that Nao can enter the inter class female relay race during the sports meet.

Later, the class were nominating on who should enter the female relay race in which after peer pressure from the others, Nao nominate herself and her friends to enter the race.

Meanwhile, Aka Oni was instigated by Joker claiming that joining forces is necessary to defeat the Precures however Aka Oni wanted to beat them alone and left to the human world.

Reika, you are suppose to run ahead not on the spot!

Nao is doing Godai Yusuke's Thumbs-Up!

The girls were training hard for the race with Yayoi being the weakest in the group. After training, Yayoi asked Nao why did she choose them to join the race. Nao apologize to everyone for being inconsiderate in nominate them however she want everyone to run with her in the race. They accepted it and went home.

Miyuki trained with Candy on Baton passing and used the trophy tact to summon a medal to congrat herself. The next day, the girls continued their training and soon, everyone has improved in their running. After class, Yayoi went to collect her book in her class when she overheard her classmates said that Yayoi could be the weakest link in the race which demoralise her. She returned to the rest but did not say anything about it.

Finally, the sports meet begin and after several events, it was the female relay race. The girls were about to get ready when Aka Oni appeared and suck Bad End Energy from everyone. The girls transformed and Aka Oni use a blue ball to create an Aoibe from a basket.

Precures: SOS! SOS! SOS! (That was what they are saying! Really!)

The Aoibe used it's rope as a wipe to attack the Precures which they caught hold of it and began a tug-of-war against it. Aka Oni told them that combining their strength is useless however Cure March rebutted that by joining forces, they can overcome anything. The Precures finally pull the Aoibe to the ground and used Rainbow Healing to defeat it.

After Aka Oni retreated, it was back to the relay race. Akane was the first runner followed by Miyuki, Reika and then Yayoi. Yayoi was losing speed when suddenly her classmates started cheering for her which she managed to give Nao the baton.

Don't cry, Nao...

I want to hug you too, Nao!

Nao ran as fast as she could and was chasing to the leader. Suddenly she tripped and fell which resulted her coming in last.Nao started to cry however the other girls consoled her which even their classmates cheered for them in the end...

This episode is more about Nao treasuring her friends and wanted them to run with her. She knew Yayoi was the weakest but she insisted on her despite how the rest of the class think of her. I think the girls losing the race was much better rather than winning as it strengthen their bond with each other and yeah, I want to hug Nao too!

Overall, joining forces and overcoming obstacles is expected in a Precure episode. This week's fight was rather weak as it was just the girls defeating the Aoibe in a tug-of-war with no melee involved.

Next week, it is a Father's Day episode as Yayoi try to recall what her late father was trying to tell her in the past.

Yes, I know there is a spoiler of Cure Happy in the new power-up form holding a stick that has a horse head on it. Can't wait for that to happen soon! See you next week!

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  1. can't wait for the episode with the English Sub