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Quick Picks: Zombie Desu Ka S2 Ep 9, Accel World Ep 9, Mysterious Girlfriend X Ep 9, Saki Side A Ep 8, Hyouka Ep 7

Zombie Desu Ka S2 Ep 9: After finding out that Chris's weakness is ticklish on her body through fax, Ayumu found it to be ridiculous and complain to Dai Sensei. She suggested finding the strongest warrior from the underworld who is the only person who defeated Chris.

Ayumu discussed with the others and Eu knew this person personally. Her name was Nagleria and she was one of the bodyguard who protected Eu years ago. After the battle with Chris, she disappeared however rumours was that she is now on Earth.

After getting the details from Anderson, Ayumu was approached by Saras who give him a ticket to her concert two nights later. He promised to go and see her and left to find Nagleria. He managed to find her however Nagleria who is now called Nene is a doujinshi artist and suffered from extreme tiredness which made her sleep all the time.

After many mishaps, the other girls arrived to help Nene in her manga for two nights. Nene noticed Ayumu was looking at the clock and told him to go.

I got your kiss, Ayumu!

He finally arrived to see Saras in her concert and after her performance, she was touched and got an indirect kiss through Ayumu's packet drink. Meanwhile, Nene and Chris had a drink in a Uedo stand and reminiscing the old days...

We had another new character and she is hot despite being a sleepy head. Nene and Chris are actually very tragic characters. They have been fighting for so long and now when they are on earth, their lives were pretty boring. One is cursed to live as a boring teacher while the other draw doujins for a living. So when they met together, they forgive and forget and cleanse it off with some wine.

Despite having feeling for Ayumu's butt in the beginning, Saras has a change of heart and look at the man inside Ayumu. She was behaving all lovely dooley over him and finally she got a kiss (soft of) from him. Congrats, Ayumu. You just won another female's heart and she is not even human!

Accel World Ep 9: After a discussion with Hime and Taku over Red King wanting to meet them, Hime suggested to meet Red King at Haru's place after school.

Oh...caught in the middle!

Haru brought Hime to his house and was shocked to see Red King playing his old console games collections. The two king meet and they didn't get along at first. After Taku arrived, the four introduced themselves and Red King's real name is Yuniko or Niko for short.

Niko want Haru to help her defeat the Armor of Catastrophe which has infected one of her players. Hime then showed them a footage of her last battle with Armor of Catastrophe. She explained it used belong to a legendary player named Chrome Disaster who was corrupted by power. He was defeated however he swore to take revenge on the Accel World which the curse was placed by his item-Armor of Catastrophe which infected the player with rage. Hime and the other players defeated the Armor and confirmed that it was deleted.

Niko argued that the Armor has resurfaced and infecting one of her players. She want to use her leader skill-Judgement Blow to save her player however it require to be near the player and the Armor was too fast for her to use it.

Don't talk anything bad about Hime's body!

Hime allowed Haru to help Niko and they will do it the next night. After hearing Niko is staying overnight with Haru, Hime stayed too and they went shopping and the girls bathed together.

The two girls got along well as they played console games and slept together which make Haru less worried about them.

As I guess, Niko want Haru to assist in defeating the Armor which Hime actually agreed. I guess the enemy of my friend is my enemy in this case. They also explained that Kings of a legion has a special skill which enable immediate deletion to their players if needed. But I got a feeling that Haru's good nature might prevent Niko from doing it and perhaps defeat the armor and save the person could be a better option about it.

*The next episode of Accel World will be air on 15/06/12 so no new episode next week.

Mysterious Girlfriend X Ep 9: Oka redo Urabe's hair after she forgotten to tidy her hair. Her new hairstyle was the attention of everyone including Tsubaki.

After school, Urabe asked Tsubaki if he liked her new hairstyle. He replied that he like her old hairdo. She then asked him to make her hair messy again which she tell him that it feel good after Tsubaki messed up her hair.

The next day, a male student sold Urabe's photos of her new hairstyle which annoyed Tsubaki. One of the student noted that Urabe look like Imai Momoka, a current pop idol. Tsubaki went to buy Imai's photo book and realised Urabe look similar to her.

The only girl you should look is me!

Ueno told Oka about Tsubaki buying Imai's photo book which she in return informed Urabe. Urabe asked Tsubaki about the book and she went through the book. She asked him which photo he like which he pointed the one with Imai smile. Urabe immediately destroyed the book with her scissors and claimed that Tsubaki should look at her and not some idol, leaving Tsubaki in the dust...

Although Urabe's new hairdo was cute but her original hairdo make her more sexy which I like it better. Although Tsubaki want to tell everyone about him and Urabe however he is worried that Urabe might hate him for being possessive. However it seems Urabe is more possessive after destroying the Imai Momoka photo book, claiming Tsubaki doesn't need an Idol but Urabe only. Damn, guess who is the bigger ego in this one? Anyway, next episode, Tsubaki got an unusual experience with a girl who also let him taste her droll?

Saki Side A Ep 8: The girls met Kajiki Yumi of Tsuruga Academy and Fukuji Mihoko of Kazekoshi Girls School and they had a practice match with the girls. However Yumi and Mihoko were too strong and defeated the girls. Although lost, the girls gained better experiences.

The next day, the girls went to have another practice match with other seed players. At the same time, Saki and her team were having their match for the semi final. After their practice match, they returned back to their hotel when Shizuno talked to the lady who want to scout Akado. She informed that Akado rejected her offer saying that she does want to go pro because of the girls.

Shizuno told the rest of the girls which ignited their desire to win the semi finals. They went to the semi finals with Senriyama Girl's High and Shiraitodai High School as their opponents. When Kuro and Toki arrived at the table, they saw Teru already waiting for them...

It was nice to see Yumi and Mihoko again and true to their name, they overwhelmed Shizuno and her team. The girls gain better experiences which hopefully they could use it well against Teru, the top player of the tournament and Saki's elder sister...

Hyouka Ep 7: Houtarou and the others went to stay at Ibara's relatives hot spring inn. When they arrived, they were welcome by Ibara's cousins-Rie and Kayo. Later Houtarou suffered a heat stroke after staying too long in the hot spring. While resting, he overheard the rest talking a ghost story with regards to a forbidden room in the inn.

The clue is in Rie's cup.

The next day, Ibara and Eru claimed they saw a shadow hanging itself in the forbidden room which is exactly the same as the ghost story. Houtarou and Eru decided to investigate which finally he discovered the truth of the shadow. He told Eru about it and both decide to not to tell Ibara about it because it is a "family matter."

It was nice for the gang to go outside the school and guess what, another mystery. This time, they thought they saw a real ghost however thanks to Houtarou again, he was able to solve the mystery and he was nice not to bring the matter up as it might cause some misunderstanding to their hosts. If you want to guess how it really happen, the clue is in Rei's belongings.

I was expecting the gang stay in the spring inn for more adventures but next week, we are back to the school and they were invited by the film society for another mystery.

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