Sunday, June 3, 2012

Fate Zero S2 Ep 9: The Beginning of the End

Waver returned home when his grandfather asked to see the sunrise on the rooftop. His grandfather told him that he already suspect that Waver is not his grandson but due to Waver's spell in order for him to stay in the house. However the grandfather wasn't upset and thank him for accompanying them all these times.

Emiya was stalking out at the Ensouzan temple as it is one of the two places that the Holy Grail could be summonsed. The other place is Fuyuki Citzen Building which he hope Kirei will choose the former. Saber reported to Emiya that she was unable to find Iris but will continue to do so.

Meanwhile, Iris woke up and found herself with Kirei. He asked her what is Emiya's wish if he got the Holy Grail. She told him that Emiya want a world without bloodshed and conflict. Kirei shunned his idea claiming he is naive and Emiya is no different than him-a cold blooded murderer. Iris rebutted him that Emiya is different as he lost too much in order to seek his ideals. Kirei in his anger, strangled Iris to death and swore to destroy Emiya's ideals.

That night, Waver and Rider saw some signal in the sky claiming that the final battle is near. Rider prepare for battle while Waver used all his command seals ordering Rider to win the battle and achieve his dream. He told Rider that he is no more his master and ordered him to leave. However Rider wanted him by his side as he is no more his master but his friend. Waver was touched and they rode to the final battle.

Saber, Emiya and Kariya saw the signal and proceed to the location which happened to be Fuyuki Citizen Building. Kirei and Archer were waiting for them which Kirei ordered Archer to let Berserker handle Saber. Archer then proceed to take on Rider.

Iris is in a dream state where she saw discarded bodies of herself in front of her. Ilya cried to her claiming that she got turn into a cup with seven humps on it in her dream. Iris consoled her when suddenly she was sucked into a black river and was inside the Holy Grail. She began to smile like a deranged person after that...

Iris was killed by Kirei and now she took the appearance of the Holy Grail which that smile of her is really creeping me out. Ilya telling her about her dream is also a premonition of what will happened in Fate Stay Night. Emiya stalking in Ensouzan Temple is also from FSN which is the final battle between Shiro/Saber battling Kirei/Gilgamesh. However this time, the final battle took place at Fuyuki Citizen Building which is not a good sight if you knew what happened in the first episode of FSN.

Waver using all his seals on Rider and asking him to seek his own destiny was a sign of ending their relationship. However Rider telling him that he regards him as a friend was touching which so far in this series, their relationship is the best among all the seven master/servants.

With four more episodes left, everything is at stake for the remaining masters/servants. It seems we will have Rider taking on Archer and Saber fighting Berserker in the next episode. Can't wait to see how that goes!

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