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Quick Picks: Zombie Desu Ka S2 Ep 10 Final, Mysterious Girlfriend X Ep 10, Saki Side A Ep 9, Hyouka Ep 8

Zombie Desu Ka S2 Ep 10: Dai Sensei became the new teacher for Ayumu's class. She told him he is no match against Chris but he is determined. She agreed to help Ayumu if he is to pass a test but if he fail, she will erase his memories of everyone.

The next day, Haruna become their science teacher and accidentally created a slime that eat up clothing. It caught Takeo, Mihara and Haruna which Ayumu tried to save them. After the slime was defeated, Dai Sensei claimed he has failed the test and went to erase his memories.

Ayumu woke up and did not recognize everyone. The girls ask Dai Sensei for another chance and they went into Ayumu's mind. They found his sub-conscious and had to defeat six versions of himself  and each representing a deadly sin.

After defeating all of them, they found the last sin-Sloth who imprisoned them and escaped to the real world. Ayumu became a total jerk in school which the girls tried to stop him.

Eu was angry and transform to a Masou Shoujo to battle Ayumu. She finally convinced him by showing him her old notes which awaken Ayumu. Haruna joined in and he finally remember who he is.

Dai Sensei claimed Ayumu has passed the test and a mysterious girl was watching everything through a magic mirror. Ayumu and Eu spent a moment together as they watch the stars in the garden...

So this is the end of this season's Zombie Desu Ka which leave me with mixed feelings. One, it has a lot of funny moments and lovable side characters. However, the plot is left dangling because Chris is not defeated which they should end it in this final episode. They probably will face her in the extra episodes that will be released in a few months time. Overall, I love the female characters in the show and Ayumu's bad luck with them (The cross dressing episodes were the funniest!) See you again, Haruna, Eu, Sera, Sara, Yuki and Big busty Nene!

Mysterious Girlfriend X Ep 10: Tsubaki met Hayakawa who cut her hair short. She explained she broke off with her boyfriend and decide for an image change. She asked him if he has a girlfriend which he lied.

Hayakawa knew that Tsubaki has a crush on her in Junior High. She regretted they couldn't be together back then and she cried. Tsubaki joked if he let her taste her saliva, they can meet again. She want him to taste her saliva but he backed out because of Urabe.

Hayakawa guess correctly he has a girlfriend and asked for her name. He told her Urabe's name and she left. She later met Urabe and asked her to come to the Cultural festival in her school this Sunday.

That night, Hayakawa lied to Tsubaki that her boyfriend has hit her and wanted for Tsubaki to be her boyfriend for a day at the Cultural festival on Sunday. He agreed and later lied to Urabe that he is going shopping with Ueno.

However Urabe found out he lied when Oka told her she is going shopping with Ueno on Sunday. On the actual day, Tsubaki arrived at the festival and saw Hayakawa wearing her junior high uniform and a wig. She then took him into the festival...

Finally some tensions. Hayakawa who is as quirky as Tsubaki is probably desperate and using all means to win Tsubaki and fool Urabe. Urabe might not show it but she sensed something is amiss when Tsubaki lied to her. Funny, Tsubaki said he kept a string of Hayakawa's hair years ago and sometimes smell it while she kept a cup of someone she love and kiss it sometimes. Maybe if Urabe never come into the picture, both of them could make a weird couple but then it won't be called Mysterious Girlfriend X.

Saki Side A Ep 9: The match begin with Kuro battling Teru, Toki and Hanada. Toki won the first turn which angered Teru. She began to fight back which the rest of the players felt their thoughts were seem by Teru.

Teru won every rounds winning more points than the last. Toki used her move which enable her to see one turn ahead. But Teru was able to see through. Finally Toki tried to give her tiles to Hanada that broke Teru's winning streak. Now Kuro is the main dealer and she has yet to win a turn...

We never knew how Teru's skills was back in the original series expect she was the only person Saki was unable to defeat. It seem that Teru's skill is able to predict every move and even if Toki will to use her skill, Teru was able to counter back. Furthermore, every turn she win, her scores increase which is why she is the reigning champion for two years. Can the rest of the players able to defeat her or the scores will be too far apart to make a comeback.

Hyouka Ep 8: A mysterious person communicate to someone through a chat line asking for help from the Classics club. The next day, Eru brought the others to meet Irisu Fuyumi, the head of the media club.

She showed them a movie they make and asked for their opinion. The movie which is about a murder mystery that involved a group of six teens in an abandoned building and at the end of the flim, one of the teens was murdered and the film ended.

Irisu explained the film is incomplete and the script was written by their scriptwriter, Hougo Maya. Maya want into shock after the filming and was unable to finish the script. Irisu want the classics club to find out who the murderer is and to complete the film based on their findings.

Eru got hyped over the mystery but Houtarou declined claiming if he is unable to solve it, he will be the laughing stock by his seniors. Irisu suggested that Houtarou and the others to be observers while she will arrange for other seniors to solve the mystery.

The next day, the Classics club were invited by Irisu's classmates-Eba Kurako and along the way, she described Maya as a kind and naive person but yet she is her friend. Finally they arrived at class 2-F where three seniors will try to solve the mystery...

A new story begin which I like to call it the Incomplete Murder Arc. Even though Houtarou might be an observer, I got a feeling he will use his deductions again and furthermore, we have to yet to see Maya, the scriptwriter who is responsible for this mess. I am also aware that there are a lot of guest seiyuus like Yukana as Irisu, Aoi Yuuki as Eba and the cast of the film like Koshimizu Ami, Hirohashi Ryo and Konishi Katsuyuki which was fun to watch them all together. Hope we get to see more guests stars in future episodes but for now, let's find out how Houtarou is going solve this mystery.

P.S I will be dropping Shining Hearts as the story is really not going anywhere.

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