Monday, June 11, 2012

Smile Precure Ep 19: A Parent's Greatest Gift

It was raining all day and the class was asked to find out what their names mean from their parents. Everyone was excited except Yayoi who was worried about it.

Wolfrun was pissed off after reading a book about life and went to the human world. Yayoi's mother, Chiharu returned from work and both her and Yayoi began to make dinner. She asked her mother who give her name when she was born. Chiharu replied it was her father, Yuuichi who gave her name but she too does not know the meaning of her name. Yayoi wasn't satisfied about the answer as she has little memories of her father when she was only five years old before Yuuichi passed away.

Nao in shorts...Yummy and your dad is Nekki Basara!?

The other girls also asked their parents about their names and Yayoi found a general meaning of her name in a dictionary. The next day, everyone gave their reports which Miyuki spotted Yayoi was unhappy after the reports.

After school, the girls walked home and Yayoi explained her memories of her late father to the rest. The girls encouraged her to talk with her mother about her uneasiness which she agreed.

Yes, I am aware that Fairy Drops was on the board and Chiharu mentioned Kurumi-San which could be Kurumi Erica's Father.

Stupid Umbrella!

Chiharu saw Yayoi outside her working place and invited her in. The others decided to leave after that. After explaining her uneasiness to Chiharu, she show a drawing to Yayoi. The drawing was done by Yayoi when she was young for her father and her father folded a fox origami as a present for her. She was happy about it but still could not recall memories of her father.

If this was 3-D, the glass will come right at you!

Suddenly Wolfrun appeared and suck all the Bad End energy on the people. He then turned the fox origami to an Akanbe. The other girls arrived and transformed together with Yayoi.

They began to fight against the Akanbe but Cure Peace was hesitate to attack the Akanbe. She was punched away and when she landed on the ground, she saw the sliding water and finally recalled what happened.

Overcome the shock!

This is for you, Dad!!!

Years ago, Yuuichi took Yayoi to a church and he explained that her name represents gentleness like her mother and hope she will grow up to be a gentle person. Cure Peace was touched by it and with her new determination, she defeated the Akanbe with Peace Thunder and a new Decor was recovered.

One more to go!

After the battle, Yayoi and Chiharu went to the church again and they both love their names more and thank Yuuichi for all the love he has given to them while the rest of the girls smiled behind...

I should said this is a good episode for Smile Precure after all the silliness and crazy antics in the last few episodes. Yayoi finding out more of her father and the love he has given to her and Chiharu was really nice. I should said that being a parent, I think giving their child a name will probably be the greatest gift of all as it represent who you are and what you want to be.

Previous seasons of Precure when some of the girls belong to a single parent like Miki and Urara, they don't talk much about their deceased/divorced parents as it is a sensitive subject. But this one actually is quite realistic and I like the way how Chiharu doesn't get angry or sensitive over it but explain to Yayoi in a mature manner.

The BGM during the flashback was really touching and little Yayoi is so cute back then! I hope they do good stories like this in the future and since next week, there is no new episode, I wish all the fathers in the world Happy Father's Day!

Cure Sunny look like Kanade of Symphogear

In the next episode, Miyuki and Akane became invisible by another of Majorina's inventions and we have a sneak preview of Cure Sunny in her power up form. See you in two weeks time!

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  1. I cried throughout this episode! And Cure Sunny with her hair down?? this is epic!