Saturday, June 16, 2012

DIGI NEWS: All Kamen Rider: Rider Generations 2 is coming to DS and PSP on August 2nd 2012!

I know this game is coming after seeing the news elsewhere but there was no trailer until today! Let me tell you, this is awesome! With 100 characters to choose from and the story is twice as long from the previous installment!

We have new characters like New Den-O, Skull, Meteor, Garren, Kaiser, G3-X, Gills, Knight and boss battles like Eternal, the Hopper Brothers, King Dark and even Core!

Fourze will get all 40 switches including the Cosmic State! Ozu will also get the Super Tatoba Combo and everyone's special attacks will be redone again to have more kick ass moments!

The game is coming out on August 2nd 2012 and if you preorder, you will get a special sticker book with all 50 riders in it including codes to unlock them immediately! This game will be coming to Nintendo DS and PSP so it will please both owners of the handheld consoles!

Now if only they could do a full console version of this game or a Super Sentai one....

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