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Quick Picks: Shining Hearts Ep 7, Zombie Desu Ka S2 Ep 8, Accel World Ep 8, Mysterious Girlfriend X Ep 8. Hyouka Ep 6

Shining Hearts Ep 7: Rick's bread was not up to standards which even Kagura refused to eat it. He was troubled that Xiao Mei is the thief he encountered in the castle. He went to deliver bread to her and ask the reasons.

However she gave excuses but later Xiao Mei approached him at the beach. Her actions is more like  Robin Hood and gave people hope to live tomorrow. She took him to the church where she gave old toys for the children. Rick decided to gave her a chance which later he also confessed that he is very versed with a sword but choose to be a baker instead.

The girls also agreed and reopen their bakery after Hank have fixed their furnace. Rick got back his spirit and the breads he make was good which even Kagura began to ate it. Meanwhile, a pirate ship encountered a huge battleship at sea destroying anything in it's path...

A pretty boring episode I should said other than Rick listening to Xiao Mei's reasons but the next episode should be interesting with the huge battleship at sea.

What do you think Kyouko's Bust size is? E? F?

Zombie Desu Ka S2 Ep 8: Dai Sensei told Ayumu that Chris was turned into a boring man due to her uprising against the Magic Kingdom. She also told him that Kyouko knew Chris's weakness and is released as a deal.

Kyouko appeared in front of Ayumu and the others. She want Ayumu to host a mixer party in return for Chris's weakness. After Ayumu managed to get everything ready, he invited everyone to the party with hilarious results. However Dai Sensei also arrived and Kyouko immediately want to settle with Ayumu.

She stabbed Ayumu however she regretted that everyone will eventually forget her when she is gone. But he told her he will always remember her since he is a zombie. Kyouko returned to the Magic Kingdom but somehow forget to tell him about Chris's weakness...

For those who forgot, Kyouko was responsible for killing Ayumu in the first place. But he gave her a good beating in the first season which I thought she want to take revenge on him now. Instead she just want to enjoy herself and truly is worried that people will forget her. But Ayumu being the nice guy ensure her which touched her heart. Maybe she is not bad after all for a craze serial killer.

I also noticed that Sera has affections for Ayumu even though she refused to admit it. She stake out in his room's celling, warning Kyouko not to hurt Ayumu and even Eu told her not to worry about him when he confronted Kyouko alone. Maybe she will admit to Ayumu in the future but I guess without her foul swearing, it won't be Sera at all.

Pig in Pain!!!

Accel World Ep 8: Haru tried to improve on his reaction speed due to other players able to take him down even in the air. However it didn't work well which Taku told him to take it easy.


When Haru reached home, a young girl named Saito claiming to be his cousin stayed in his house. However he got suspicious and realised she is a fake. Saito happened to be Scarlet Rain, the previous Red King and challenged him.

They began to battle however Saito tricked him and he lost the battle. She demanded Haru to meet Hime in the real world. He informed Hime about it and explained that the only player who is named after Red is Red Rider which is the person Hime killed him in her rebellion. She told him she used to be paranoid to all players until he came to her life. Haru ensured her he will be by her side and will never fight against her...
So now Scarlet Rain want to meet Hime but for what reasons? Her power-Immobile Fortress is like a giant tank and her cannons could even take out Haru's arm off. However I got a feeling she need to their help to stop a crazed player who is seen cannibalizing other players at the end of the episode. But will Haru and Hime trust her?

Mysterious Girlfriend X Ep 8: Tsubaki had a dream that he touched Urabe's breasts. He took a walk and met Urabe outside her home. She invited him to her home and after a while, it was raining heavily outside. Urabe got a shock from a thunder shock and felt on Tsubaki's lap. He finally confessed about last night's dream. She allowed him to touch her breasts however he got too excited and lick her ears.

I can't hurt you...

Urabe was in tears which Tsubaki apologized and left. Later she told Oka about a strange sensation she had with Tsubaki which Oka claimed she might be in love and experience new feelings with Tsubaki.

Urabe later asked Tsubaki to pull her ear which she got excited and was not angry by Tsubaki's actions. They finally make out however she was too embarrassed and ran off after giving her drool to him...

We find Urabe's weakness-Her ears who are sensitive or should I say is her G-spot. For a moment, I thought Tsubaki might go overboard and the way Urabe acted like she is in pain yet she is enjoying it like a couple making out. I like this episode like a guilty pleasure and Urabe's tears touched my heart. Don't you wish you have a girlfriend like that? (Expect the drool part)

Hyouka Ep 6: Houtarou could hear Eru arguing with the Math teacher, Omichi next door. Later she explained that Omichi mistaken her class for learning a new topic which they have yet to cover and Eru had an argument with him. However Omichi realised his mistake and apologized.

If you want to know the answer, the clues lies on these two letter.

The group wondered how did Omichi could make a mistake and as the group eat chocolate cookies, Houtarou finally figure out the reason and solve Omichi's mistake which ended today's mystery...

A pretty simple mystery but yet it can be overlooked by human errors. Thanks to Houtarou and some chocolate cookies, he solved another mystery. Yet, he was a bit concerned that Eru said she does not like to waste energy on getting angry unnecessarily which Houtarou thought he finally found Eru as a soul mate. They also had a discussion about the seven sins and he knew Eru has one of the sins-Pride due to her inquisitive thinking which worried him too.

Anyway, the next episode, the group going to a spring inn?!

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