Sunday, June 17, 2012

Fate Zero S2 Ep 11: Never pose as a Man's dead wife!

Emiya and Kirei finally met in an underground shelter and they fought fiercely. Emiya tried to hit him with his Anti-magic bullet but Kirei used his command seals to protect him.

Saber and Berserker were still fighting and he is still angry with her for everything she did in the past. Saber was confused and could not concentrate on the fight. Meanwhile, Iris's body suddenly changed into the Holy Grail and it is dripping black liquid everywhere.

Kirei finally hit Emiya in the chest and thought he had killed him. However Emiya survived thanks to Avalon in his body. He used Triple Accel and finally shot Kirei's left arm with an Anti-magic bullet.

The fight continue for both men until the black liquid crash through the roof and covering them. Saber managed to kill Berserker due to Kariya's sudden death and she is determined to get the Holy Grail.

Emiya woke up and found himself in the southern island. Iris appeared before him and explained that he is worthy to grant a wish from the Holy Grail. Once the wish is granted, the Holy Grail will take shape in the real world and grant his wish. However Emiya suspect something amiss and realised that the Grail is talking through Iris's body.

Suddenly Emiya ended in a hotel room where the Grail asked him to choose between saving three hundred people on a ship or two hundered people on a ship. The Grail told him that his answer will always ending up saving more people and sacrifing the rest.

Emiya could not believe and was shown images of him killing his father and Natalia. He even choose to kill Maiya to save Iris and IIya. The Grail commented him of being an Angra Mainyu (Destructive Spirit in Iranian Language) that no matter what he choose, the lives of the few will be sacrificed to save the many.

IIya hugged Emiya wishing for him to be together. However he knew all of this is fake and killed IIya. He then strangled Iris telling the Grail he will save the world his way.

Both Emiya and Kirei woke up and he asked Emiya why did he reject the Grail's offer. Emiya realised the Grail is nothing more than a force of evil and has tricked everyone into thinking it is an ominpotent wishing item. Kirei demanded to have the Grail for his desires but Emiya shot him in the back claiming that he is blinded by the Grail.

Saber arrived at the theatre and saw the Holy Grail but Archer appeared. She tried to get ahead but was stabbed by Archer's sword in the leg. Archer told her that he is not interested in the Grail but rather he want Saber to be his wife and they could conquer the world together.

She refused and got stabbed again. Finally Emiya arrived and used his last two command seals ordering Saber to destroy the Grail with Excaliber. She was unable to control her actions and destroy the Grail...

Like I said before, the Holy Grail is the great evil in the story. I believe that the Grail is nothing than a force of destructive who has gained awarness and probably duped everyone into thinking it is the ultimate wishing item.

Though Emiya, we knew that he wanted to save the world however he has to realise no matter what he does, there will always be sacrfices which in his case, he is really down with his luck. The Grail even commented him of being an Angra Mainyu that death will follow him wherever he goes. I think he got pissed off by the Grail for posing as Iris and trying to convince him in making his desries come true. If he really did wish for his desries, I could foresee that the Grail will ended up destroying the world which leave to the last scene at the end.

Emiya knew that the Grail must be destroy to end the war and I guess Saber is angry for compiling the order but with one more episode left, what will the conclusion be? Your guess is good as mine! See you in the finale next week! (Berserker's death sucks by the way!)

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