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Quick Picks: Accel World Ep 10, Mysterious Girlfriend X Ep 11, Saki Side A Ep 10, Hyouka Ep 9

Accel World Ep 10: Haru and Hime went off to school and met Chiyu along the way which Haru had a hard time explaining. Later Taku cleared the air for them and suggested whether Chiyu should join the Brain Burst program.

Hime told him if Taku allow Chiyu to join, he will become her guardian and the bond will be stronger. Haru wondered who was Hime's former guardian which she replied later it was someone special to her but she has now regarded the person as her enemy.

Later he met Niko and she told him the only way the Accel world end is for someone to reach level 10 and everyone's program will be un-install by force. Niko claimed many players has become attached to the Accel world which Haru replied that in the end, a game will eventually ended if the goal has attained.

Haru, Hime, Niko and Taku went to the Accel world and track down Chrome Disaster which Haru was amazed by another of the Accel world which top level players battle here. They were tracking Chrome Disaster when they were being shot at. They were surrounded by the Yellow Legion led by their leader, Yellow Radio which Niko realised he is responsible for everything...

Hime clearly has a lot of  issues about her past not only her former guardian was once someone she look upon, she hate the latter with a sadistic thought. Although Haru claimed he won't betray her but I got a feeling things will never be the same once he knew about her past. The Accel World also created a delusion reality for the players making them attached like an obsession. Haru knew what is like to get attached to a game so he could be the one who might be the wild card in the battle. But now being surrounded by the Yellow Legion, will the group able to break through Yellow Radio's evil scheme?

Mysterious Girlfriend X Ep 11: Tsubaki and Hayakawa entered the festival while Oka and Ueno were enjoying themselves. After Ueno was jealous because of Oka posing as a maid, she spotted Tsubaki and Hayakawa and trailed them.

Damn that Shadow!

Hayakawa brought him to an empty classroom and she tried to seduce him by letting him taste her droll. Suddenly a person in a robot costume appear and it was Urabe. She intervened and instructed Tsubaki to be blindfold. After letting him tasting her droll, Tsubaki's nose bleed and suspect Urabe is naked in the costume.

Urabe removed her costume and she was naked. Hayakawa also joined in and she demanded Tsubaki to taste her droll. He refused after seeing her in tears. Urabe suspected that she is just lonely and find Tsubaki as a comfort zone. Hayakawa realised it and thank Urabe for seeing the truth. Tsubaki accidentally drop his blindfold and got two slaps from both girls.

Tsubaki, you are a Cherry Boy!

Later, Tsubaki and Urabe walked home which she lied that she used to have a crush in middle school and even gave a Raspberry look. She admitted if she kiss him, it will be her first kiss and taste his droll. She finally said that he is still a boy which make Tsubaki awkward...

I was surprised that Urabe wore around in that costume naked underneath. As suspected, Hayakawa is lonely after her ex-boyfriend dumped her. She admitted she has a crush on Tsubaki however he was too shy to do anything. Hayakawa tried to win him desperately by going all naked by she knew in her heart, Tsubaki loved Urabe more which make her realise she should start anew.

The last scene also proved Urabe has a sense of humor and by telling Tsubaki has much to learn of courtship was hilarious and yeah, Tsubaki is like a cherry boy. Imagine the first time they have sex together will be crazy like Yamada of B-Cup H-Kei. So the air is clean now and in the next episode, they are going to a night festival.

Saki Side A Ep 10: The match continued with Teru leading and Kuro not getting a win so far. Finally the end of the first half ended and everyone went to take a break. Kuro was encouraged by her friends while Ryuuka was worried of Toki's health.

The second half begins and it was still Teru winning the first six rounds. Toki decided to take a gamble by looking two turns ahead. She lose unconscious before when she tried using it during practice but decided to take her chance now.

What is the point of showing them late for the tournament?

Meanwhile, Saki and her friends miss the train to the tournament...

It is a one sided match with Teru leading. Will Toki's health strain her after using her skills? Can Kuro win one round at least? Find out next week!

Hyouka Ep 9: Houtarou and his friends were introduced to Nakajou, the vice director, Haba in charge of Props and Misaki in charge of Marketing by Eba. Nakajou was first to be interviewed but before that, they ate Eru's whiskey candy which everyone dislike it except Eru.

Nakajou claimed the murderer could be using the windows to gain entry to murder the victim. He claimed Maya the scriptwriter has scouted the location before shooting and clearly stated what is necessary in the script. After Nakajou left, Houtarou deduced it is impossible as the murderer will be spotted by the others on the second floor and furthermore, it was daytime and there was no sign of tracks from the grass behind the window.

Next it was Haba which he claimed the murderer used a rope which Maya has specified before the filming. The murderer could have used the rope from the second floor and grapple down to the ground floor and opened the window. Houtarou then asked if Haba has watch the film which he admitted he didn't.

He later explained to the rest that Haba did not watch the film which make him unable to realise that the window in the room was shut tight and it took some strength to move it. Furthermore, the window could only be opened from inside and the murderer will have cause a commotion for the others to find out if he tried to break in.

The Pig is the Murderer!

Lastly was Misaki which she claimed that Maya could be writing a horror slasher film instead which Houtarou dismissed it. He claimed Maya only needed a small amount of blood from Haba which if they are doing a horror film, they will required more fake blood for the film.

The gang left with disappointment and Eru felt drowsy after eating too much whiskey candy. When Houtarou went his separate way with Satoshi, he was approached by Irisu who invited him for tea...

Look like the three seniors have their own deductions about the murder and Maya gave them different instructions which Houtarou claimed each one of the deductions were wrong. But now Irisu approached him which the rules could change. By the way, shouldn't the gang look for Maya instead and asked for her opinion? That will make things so much easier...

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  1. @kragito about saki achiga hen i wont spoil to you match but kuro will do a comeback.and by the way did you heard there will be 3 more episodes after 12?this 3 episodes will end teru match