Sunday, May 27, 2012

Fate Zero S2 Ep 8: It's a Trap!

Saber continue to chase Rider in the streets. She lost sight of him for a moment and try to sense him. She found Rider's chariot nearby and go after it him.

Rider noticed Saber behind and decided to have a race with her. Saber reallied her bike is reaching it's limits and used her mana to boost the bike. The bike change into a faster machine and was able to catch Rider.

She finally caught up with him and clashed swords with him. She realised that Iris was not in the Chariot. Meanwhile, Emiya who realised that the Rider who kidnapped Iris is a fake and go after the possible suspects. He interrogated one of the Matou family member who doesn't know anything.

Kirei and Kariya were at the rooftop with the fake Rider and Iris. The fake Rider is actually Berserker who kidnapped Iris. Kirei promised Kariya that he will let him meet Tokiomi at the church on midnight as part of the deal.

Saber used her Excailbur as Rider charge towards to her. Her power was able to destroy the chariot however Rider and Waver bailed out at the last minute. Saber knew she is wasting time and quickly left the scene. After Kariya left, Matou Zouken approached Kirei and claimed that he enjoyed Kariya suffered. He told Kirei that he is also the same as him. Kirei tried to shut Zouken up but reallied he was just a decoy.

Later, Kariya arrived at the church and found Tokiomi. He want to kill him however Tokiomi was already dead. Suddenly Tokiomi's wife, Aoi saw everything and mistaken Kariya for murdering him. Kariya tried to stop Aoi and in his anger, strangled her.

Kariya realised what he has done and screamed in agony. Kirei and Archer were watching everything and were pleased on what they did. Kirei even mentioned the wine he has taste different after watching the suffering...

So Kirei's plan to lure Saber away and making Kariya suffered worked. Now with Iris in his hands, he want to lure Emiya into his trap. With Kariya being psychologically unstable, Kirei will probably want him to battle Saber in more unstable conditions and to eliminate her out.

The battle with Rider was quite cool especially with Saber's bike changing to a more powerful one. Hopefully they will do a real bike toy for my Figma Saber in the future. But now with such dangerous times ahead, what will come in the next four episodes as we are reaching the climax soon?

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