Saturday, May 5, 2012

Quick Picks: Zombie Desu Ka S2 Ep 5, Accel World Ep 5, Shining Hearts Ep 4

Zombie Desu Ka S2 Ep 5: Sera returned to her village and left the household to Haruna. Eu had a fever and both Ayumu and Haruna tried all ways to get her better with hilarious results.

In the end, Eu recovered and now Haruna got a fever and Ayumu tried to get her better but Sera came back and she was totally pissed off with him...

Look like a filler episode with only one mention of a something big is coming to town as discussed by Sera and Sara and it is heading for Ayumu...

Accel World Ep 5: Haru and Taku began to fight and Taku loathed him as Chiyu is always concerned about Haru when they are together. Haru lost an arm and leg and was even smashed by Taku's special attack. Haru almost lost hope when he saw Kuroyukihime's body and suddenly Haru's body was equipped with silver wings making him the first flying avatar in the Brain Burst world.

He defeated Taku but spare his life. Kuroyukihime was awakened and revealed her real form which is the Black King-Black Lotus. She declared war on the other regions and told them to prepare for what is coming.

Haru went to visit her in the hospital and finally allowed him to address her by her first name which is...

A great episode which Haru displayed compassion after defeating Taku. He even told him that he will allow Chiyu to be with Taku but still declared his love for her. (This is weird but Haru has a kind heart.) He still treated him as his friend and hopefully Taku will join them in battle. However with the return of Black Lotus, it means that the rulers will begin to attack them as seem in the next episode, Taku's blue region's comrades are plotting against both of them. By the way, what is Kuroyukihime's first name?

Shining Hearts Ep 4: Neris and the antique dealer, Xiaomei learned of the shining object in the ocean. Later, Rick showed Xiaomei the pendent from Kagura but she was unable to give an answer. Xiaomei asked him and Neris to dig the object in the ocean. They tried to get it out but unable to.

They went to look for Hank who was also interested due to the Gyroid targeting the same location the previous night. They finally got it out which is a huge cargo box. Hank want to keep a special key but the soldiers from the castle ordered them to surrender the cargo which they reluctantly do so.

So Hank found the Gyroid ashore like Rick and Kagura. The special key which is believed to activate the Gyroid is now in the hands of the royal kingdom. Now why will the kingdom will be confiscating the cargo is any one's guess at the moment.

So what is the point of everything they went through? Completely pointless! The only plus side is seeing Neris and Xiaomei in swimsuits! I am starting to have doubts about this show but give it one or two episodes more before deciding whether to continue.

P.S: I will be out tomorrow so Fate Zero, Smile Precure and other shows will be up probably Monday or Tuesday!

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